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Chicken Farming in the Big City

While I’d read that raising chickens had become more and more popular with youngsters in places like Portland, OR and Victor, ID, I was surprised to see this piece from GOOD, where photographer Todd Parsons found evidence of chickens making their way into the big city. From his essay:

“In urban settings all across the country, a growing number of city-dwellers young and old are exploring the wonders of raising and farming backyard chickens. Recently, the photographer Todd Parsons scoured the San Francisco Bay Area for evidence of this burgeoning movement. “

Todd-Parsons chicken_

His photos are beautiful, but these are two of my favorites. Of course, I’m not convinced I’m going to start chicken farming in my apartment just yet. I’m more of a shepherd at heart.

You can the full gallery here at the wonderful GOOD Magazine.

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November 30th, 2009

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