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At the Libraries: What Are Books Good For?

Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something fun going on in your local library, leave us a comment!

The question: What are Books Good For? And, the response: Will Technology Kill Book Publishing? Not Even Close (Says a publisher). Guys, duke it out in the comments! I myself think this debate is getting a bit tired.
Oh, New York Times. I do read you quite faithfully, but sometimes the gray lady is a bit too quick to report on a “trend.” In this case, it’s the death of the picture book, as parents push younger and younger children into reading chapter books. I think, if anything, picture books will grow — think about those gorgeous illustrations on an iPad! But that’s just my opinion.
You know, I lived in New York City once, when I was young and energetic and went to bars a lot. On the whole, I don’t miss it, but there are times when I wish I still lived there, because there is always something amazing going on. For example: The children’s and teen authors’ Battle of the Bands! If you go, please take pictures!

But I’ve never lived in Detroit, and never really thought about it. Given the awesome events that the Detroit Public Library is cooking up, I might just change my mind! They have an upcoming Mark Twain event, and I can’t believe I missed the MC Lyte event! Did any m_f readers make it to that one?

Yee-ow! We’ve heard from unemployed MLSs here before, and my heart goes out to them — this is a terrible economy to find a job in. But Annoyed Librarian takes another tactic: tough love. Check out this brutally honest (or just brutal?) advice to an aspiring librarian.
This has been all over the kid lit blogs that I read, and I definitely wanted to share it with you. Say what you will about Harry Potter (I am a fan!), but J.K. Rowling sure can plot. Check out her handmade spreadsheet plotting out one of the books. Can you figure out which one?
You might not want to know, but here’s a list of seven authors who wrote in the buff. I don’t know how this trivia stuff comes about, but somehow, it does.
It wasn’t a shoe; in fact, it wasn’t meant to be a protest at all. A man recently threw a book at President Obama, but not to make a point, merely so the POTUS would read it. Um, nice try?
We saw the world’s most expensive book — now here’s the world’s largest book, on sale! What’ll you give for it?
And, for today’s latest complaint, a dad at Storytime gets a bit more attention than he expected. Readers, was it too much, or is he being too sensitive? We get a few dads now and then, and I don’t sound a clarion call or anything. My favorite is when both parents come, actually! He gets some tough love in the comments, so be sure to check those out.

See you next week!

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