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50 Amazing Pieces of Louis C.K. Fan Art

Louis C.K. is one of the Internet’s (and maybe America’s) most loved comedians. If you’ve never seen his Emmy-nominated TV show, or haven’t yet purchased his new downloadable stand-up special for a mere $5, you can get to know him here, through the wonderful and sometimes odd artwork of his fans.

(50 images are a lot for one post, so we’ve paginated it as a courtesy to those of you with slower internet connections. Things get a tad NSFW on page 3. If your office is fine with you looking at Louis C.K. fan art at work but draws the line at Louis C.K. fan art that includes his middle finger, you might want to stop at page 2.)

Left: Tim Goodier at tacobelltwoways
Right: Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten at etsy

cryingatbingo (Emily) at Flickr

Joan Varitek at pinkopigtails

Josh Lange at Dallas Observer

Left: thewalkingman at deviantART
Right: dresslikeshit at deviantART

Cara Mae Corder on tumblr

Left: Mike Burns at Mike Burns Illustration
Right: Tim Jepson at Art by Tim Jepson

BlackPotion (Ana T.) at deviantART

Left: Kerry Daniszewski at Kerda
Right: uhhhsirk (Hayden) at deviantART

William Appledorn at The Art of William Appledorn

Rendez Pagett at Picture Engineering

Left: borosaur (Boris) at deviantART
Right: wopah at deviantART

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December 16th, 2011

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