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40 Awesome Tributes to Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might not be a comedy, but we think these fan tributes are pretty funny.

“BREAKING BADMAN: Heisenberg & Pinkman” by Brian Lipko

Left: “Breaking Baddies” by Smapte at Xanadoodle
Right: Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) at Flickr

Alex Jones (“Orion Pax”) at Flickr

Renae DuHaime (RenDuH) at Craftster

Kyle Hilton at Flannel Animal

Kyle Hilton at Flannel Animal

Left: Trent Reznor as Walter White by DCP at Flickr
Right: “Breaking Beavis” by Tom Trager at Tom Trager vs. The Blog

“Bacon Bad” by Sean Berthiaume of Vinnie’s Pizza at Special Bored

Left: “The Whites” by Kirk Demarais
Right: “Better Call Saul” by Emily Dunne (emilypdunne) at Flickr

“Breaking Bad – Bros” by lukeshirt at RedBubble

Lindsay May Westerby of Lindsay’s Desserts at Facebook

Left: Paul Scheer at Breaking Gifs
Right: Andy Rash at Iotacons

Caldwell Tanner and Andrew Bridgman at CollegeHumor

Chris Marano and Brett Smiley at MTV’s Guy Code

Hector Salamanca (@H_Salamanca) at Twitter

(Since 40 images are a lot for one post, we’ve split it up as a courtesy to those with slower internet connections.)

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