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11 Words With a ‘Q’ But No ‘U’ Acceptable in Words With Friends

At this very moment, someone is Googling “Words With Friends words without vowels,” and there’s a good chance they’ll land on this story I posted last year. If your problem isn’t a lack of vowels but a nagging ‘Q’ (and no ‘U’ to go with it), perhaps one of these words will help.

1. Qwerty/s – the name for a keyboard whose letters are in the standard typewriter arrangement (hence, Q, W, E, R, T, Y in the upper left-hand corner of the letter section).

2. Qi/s – an alternate spelling of “chi.” Much like chi is the vital energy circulating through the body, “qi” is vital to your WWF arsenal. I mentioned this word in my previous two-letter words post but it is worth including here.

3. Qat/s – an alternate spelling of “khat,” which is a white-flowering evergreen shrub found in Africa and the Arab Peninsula. Apparently chewing it is kinda fun – it contains cathinone which is a mild stimulant.

4. Qaid/s – an alternate spelling of “caid,” which is a word for a local governor or leader used most commonly in North Africa and the Muslim state of Al-Andalus (also known as “Moorish Spain”) which existed from 711-1492.

5. Qoph/s – an alternate spelling of “koph,” (alternate spellings are totally trending right now) which is the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

6. Faqir/s – an alternate spelling of “fakir,” which is a Muslim ascetic who rejects worldly possessions. It has also become a common Hindu word for “beggar.”

7. Qanat/s – an underground tunnel for irrigation used mostly in hot, arid climates. Surprise! There are alternate spellings for this one, too — including kanat, khanat, kunut, kona, konait, ghanat, and ghundat, none of which are accepted in WWF.

8. Tranq/s – short for “tranquilizer.” If you go chomping on too many qat leaves, you may need to be hit up with a tranq.

9. Sheqel – alternately spelled “shekel” (also accepted). The sheqel is the standard monetary unit of Israel but can also refer to any of several ancient units of weight or currency. And, get this, its plural is “sheqalim,” which you are also permitted to use.

10. Qindar/s – a kind of Albanian money valued at 1/100 of a lek. Also spelled “qintar” which is accepted, too.

11. Mbaqanga – a style of South African music. OK, fellow lovers of WWF, this one is actually not accepted, and I’m not sure why that is. It appears to be generally accepted in most Scrabble circles. And imagine how great life could be if it were. Even if we assume no bonus spaces, the total raw point score for this word would be M(4) + B(4) + A (1) +Q(10) + A(1) + N(2) +G(3) + A(1) = 26.

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