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11 Commercials for Defunct ’90s Food and Drinks

Back in the 90s, you could buy any of these things. You could get them all at the same time if you wanted. Now you can’t get any of these products, unless you want to shell out too much cash for a 15-year-old bottle of Orbitz on eBay.

1. Astropop

2. Butterfinger BBs

3. Lifesavers Holes

4. Carefree Sugarless Gum

5. Hidden Valley Kids Dressing

6. Lunchables Burgers and Hot Dogs

7. P.B. Crisps

8. Surge

9. Sprinkle Spangles

10. Sound Bites

11. Soda-Licious Soda Snacks

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July 11th, 2012

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