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Yarn Invasion

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Yarn Invasion

I simply love this stop-motion animation. Makes you feel warm, as the days get chillier.


Today’s pictures & links:

World of 7 Billion! – a child is born in Kaliningrad, Russia

We’ve covered “Overpopulation” topic in our interview with National Geographic Senior Environment Editor Robert Kunzig before. Now the time has come to announce the birth of 7 billionth human being on this planet. The boy’s name is Peter Nikolayev (though his claim to fame is disputed: India, China and the Leningrad Region have also laid claim to the 7 billionth child) – more info.

Regarding the whole population issue, there is an interesting interactive BBC page: Seven Billion and You. National Geographic magazine has also come up with new “7 Billion” app, based on its year-long series on world population:

A metal-roofed metropolis, Goma sits at the crossroads of conflict in eastern Congo, its population exploding with displaced villagers, soldiers, profiteers, and aid workers. The lava-rumpled city sprawls between Lake Kivu, full of dangerous gases, and the restless Nyiragongo volcano:

(top photo: Pascal Maitre/National Geographic, bottom left: slums in Dhaka, photo by Jonas Bendiksen)

Despite all the world’s troubles, let’s hope that this new 7 billionth inhabitant of Earth will have a joyful, happy life!

(original unknown)


Rarest Treasure in Halloween Style

One of the oldest surviving pot vessels in the world – Japanese Middle Jōmon vessel (3000–2000 BCE). Incredible, totally unique shape! -

More fascinating Japanese sculpture, from the era of Nitta Yoshioki:


Every good boy and girl deserves an Apple

… in all these enticing colors! -


Golden Forest Wave

Lappland, Sweden – photography by Henrik Bonnevier, for “Ororda Vatten” (Untouched Waters) project.

(image credit: Henrik Bonnevier)


Renault DeZir Concept Car

Overflowing with French style and coolness, revealed at Paris Auto Show in 2010, more info:

(images via)


Washed Up LEGO Man

Jeff Hindman found this artifact of LEGO greatness, while strolling down the beach at Siesta Key Village:

(photo by Jeff Hindman)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Extremely Rare Spectacular Aurora Borealis – [wow pics]
Wolves form Superpack, Wolf Attacks Info – [scary nature]
Victorian Organ Steampunk Desk – [cool art]
18 Terabytes Hard Drives Built Using Table Salt – [tech]
How an Irish soldier spent 4 years in cupboard! – [weird]
The Giant Impact that Formed the Moon – [space]
Huge Black Spider Balloon Sculpture – [weird art]
Playing with a spring: phenomenon – [wow video]
Pretty neat giant bubble car ad – [cool video]
Creaky, slow, but still cool LEGO clock – [geek video]
Owl Dancing – [fun video]
Beautiful Musical Painting Animation – [wow video]
Formula One Driver View, Dashboard – [wow video]


Stars & Galaxies Update

Galaxy M-83 is a crazy hub of activity – six (!) supernovas registered there, plus Hubble telescope has unveiled a huge number of newborn stars at the outer limits of M83 – that, according to the standard model of star formation, should not be there in such numbers – more info:

(image via)

“The Pillars of Creation no longer exist. In 2007, astronomers announced that they were destroyed about 6,000 years ago by the shock wave from a supernova. Their actual destruction, however, will not be visible for another millennium.” – more info:

(image via)


Steampunk Art Update

Left: “Steampunk Madame” by Mary-Chan
Right: Mural inside the Empire State Building.

Steampunk Device, by Robert Shuttleworth. He describes it as “my new old pen drive storage station… It was fun to build a relatively practical.” watch video of it in action here:

Awesome steampunk raygun, displayed on Etsy:

(image via)

Futuristic car hood ornament, designed by Greg Broadmore at WETA:

(image credit: Greg Broadmore)


Wild Tire Sculptures

The artist is Mirko Siakkou-Flodin. See more here

(image credit: Mirko Siakkou-Flodin)


Some of the more discouraging sentiments found recently:

This is life:

(image via)


Frank Kelly Freas sings the space romantic

An illustration for “Deeper Than Darkness”, by Gregory Benford, 1970:

(art by Frank Kelly Freas)


Natalie Wood’s Eyes

Probably the biggest eyes of any actress in history.

Here is some toughness to offset the cuteness of the previous picture: Dorothy Provin in the Roaring Twenties:


The Dangers of Wearing Extreme Fashion

Anything from suffocation to “completely falling apart”:


Incredible Calligraphy

The old style inscriptions in Suleymaniye Mosque, Turkey (more info):

(image via)


“Eye of the Toucan”, by Robert Taylor

Buy the print here:

(image credit: Robert Taylor)

Extremely disgruntled owl, still displaying a LOT of patience:

(original unknown)



Children Pleasing Their Meerkat

(original unknown)

Meanwhile baby meerkats are watching (these are actually young Round-tailed Ground Squirrels):

(image credit: Joan Gellatly)


Early Halloween dressing up ideas

These Catherinettes had quite outstanding hats back in the day:

Mustache Umbrellas are all the rage (more bizarre umbrellas are at the Hendricks Unusual Umbrella Emporium in London, see here):

(image via, photo by Oli Scarff)

Great historical costume, made by one of our readers:

(photo and costume by Steve O’Neill)

Sad, sad costume:


Self-Indulged Travel: New Issue

“Travel Photography Blog on Steroids” – SelfIndulged has put together new fascinating edition:


Ode to the Late Autumn

Collage of the recent best from DeviantArt, including works by AliceXZ, Aranwen, Elena Dudina, Lars van Degoor


Love me:

It stands there, judging you:

(image via)

Endless entertainment:



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