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Wild Moscow Twist, 1962

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Wild Moscow Twist, 1962

Not sure how this passed the communist censorship, but the world-famous Moiseyev Ballet in Moscow performed this dance not only during their trips to America in the 1960s but also at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow in 1962. They did call it a “parody dance” in the official program – but they still have too much fun dancing it!


Today’s pictures & links:

New Internet Sensation!

A huge hit on Pinterest and all over the interwebs, is this highly adorable miniature octopus:

(original unknown)

It first appeared sometime in May and now peaked in popularity. He even gained the top hat in the process:

(image via)


Groovy Hipster Machine. The BRAUN Compact LP Player

1959 Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP 1):

(image credit: MOMA Collection, Dieter Rams, via)


Rare Rock Arch Formation in Massif de la Chartreuse, France

(image credit: David George)

And it seems it’s been only discovered in 2005 (in modern history): “At the end of May 2005 Grenoble climber Pascal Sombardier was exploring the foot of the Grand Manti cliffs situated in the Chartreuse mountains between Grenoble and Chambery. He spied a couloir and decided to explore further… Turning to his right he had trouble believing what he saw: a giant double arch spanning some 32 meters. An expert on the region, he had never heard of this natural wonder.”

See beautiful photography of this formation here and read some info here.


Mixed fresh links for today:

“Game of Thrones” Waged in Technology, Map – [awesome map]
The Biggest Black Hole Discovered – [wow space]
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Abandoned Huge Super Collider – [urban exploring]
Funniest Engravings on Wedding Rings – [weird]
Really Impressive Concept Art by Feng Zhu – [scifi art]
School Propaganda Posters from North Korea & Russia – [weird]
Rejected Beatles Audition Tape Discovered – [music]
Insight on Differences in American & British Cultures – [cool video]
This poor guy can’t seem to get a simple drink – [wow video]
The Best Card Trick In The World – [wow video]
These jets are migrating South – [wow video]
Amazing Bird Buggy – [wow video]
Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2012 – [get ready]
Photoshop Disasters Update – [feature]


Hotel Blenheim: Majestic… Demolished…

Perhaps one the greatest losses in the history of American architecture:

(image credit: Historic American Building Survey at the Library of Congress, via)

Built in 1906 at Ohio Avenue & Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey… Designed by architect William Price. Incredibly original and unique structure. Demolished in 1979 and replaced with some ugly utilitarian structure.


Saturn’s Swirling North Pole

“This swirling maelstrom of clouds is what was seen over Saturn’s north pole on November 27, by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft” – more info

(image via)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material):

Unique “Atomic” Coffee Maker, circa 1948:

(image credit: SorrentinaCoffee)

1969 Chevrolet Corvette transformed into this neat Ocean City Beach Rescue 4×4 vehicle:

(image via)



Awesome (and somewhat low-tech, postapocalyptic) concept vehicle by Feng Zhu

(image credit: Feng Zhu)


Capacitron and Rectifier Tubes, c. 1948

The thin white streaks in this image are not lightnings… just paper creases. We thought to Photoshop them out, but they sort of add to the (electrified) atmosphere:

(image via)


A Christmas Tree for Book-lovers

We showed you some really unusual christmas tree ideas before, but this time (seen on Reddit) was made in Quebec, Canada and look simply magnifique!

(image via)

Another great idea for festive photography during this Season:

(image via)


Radical Modern Architecture in Moscow

(image via)

There is a great thread at SkyscraperCity forum showing the new and modern Moscow architecture – certainly worth a look!

Classic Moscow architecture still has lesser known gems to discover: this is the Tea House, the old Perlov’s house on Myasnitskaya street.

(image credit: Valentina Luchina)


Chaos Alert!!


Chalk Art by David Zihn

Here in Canada we have winter on tap, not spring… lots and lots of winter.

(image via)

See the whole collection here.



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