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Why Is It Dark at Night?

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Why is it Dark at Night?

Or rather, to rephrase the question, Why is Space Dark?. Very cool, often mind-boggling short video. I’m sure you know all the facts, but this is a good show nevertheless.


Today’s pictures & links:

Old Abandoned “Dome” Theater in Beirut, Lebanon

Quite impressive blob-like apparition: called Saboune (soap) by locals, it was designed by Lebanese architect Joseph Philippe Karam in the 1960s:

(image credit: El Rais Fred, via Beirut City Guide)


The Most Unusual and HUGE “Rolling Tank”

Here is a truly bizarre 1944 Russian concept for a giant rolling armored cylinder. “Tanks on the inside powered the leviathan to roll it forward”. More info and more strange concepts here!

(image via, original unknown)


Fantastic Underwater Sculptures

There is a whole fascinating, lightly creepy world underwater, thanks to the recent creations of Jason deCaired Taylor: some people seem “zombified” by the sea, while others stand to attention, listening to some piano music, perhaps:

(image credit: Jason deCaired Taylor)

“Taylor’s art is like no other, a paradox of creation, constructed to be assimilated by the ocean and transformed from inert objects into living breathing coral reefs…” See more on the artist’s website.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Secrets of Sleep: Why We Need to Sleep? – [fascinating]
Inside Google’s Data Centers – [incredible pics]
3D Street Art Combined with Augmented Reality – [illusion]
Super Funny: Trolling on London Subway – [funny signs!]
New-found Pictures of the “Rolling Stones”
Dan Grayber and His Mechanical Self-Serving Machines – [geek]
Crazy, Geeky Shower Curtains – [design]
Spiders in a box projected onto windows – [wow video]
Ducks See Water for the First Time – [must-see video]
Great Urban Car! – [wow video]
Frog Bar: Worthy Animation Project – [Kickstarter]
Bad Lip Reading of Presidential Debate – [it all makes sense now!]
A Guilty Dog… poor thing – [fun video]
Deadliest Epidemics in History – [wow info]
What type of credit card you should get – [useful pic]


Greatest Hits of Photoshop Disasters: Nightmare Anatomy

When it rains, it pours… the recent slew of amateur and uninformed Photoshop work by various clueless advertising agencies has resulted in, you guessed it, big & hilarious update of Photoshop Disasters Greatest Hits!

(image credit: PS Disasters)

It seems that human body is made out of rubber and conforms to the wildest wishes of graphic artists! Check out full gallery of side-splitting screwups at Photoshop Disasters page.


The Sleekest and Most Aerodynamic Gas Tank Truck Ever Designed

This is the 1935 “Diamond T” Doodlebug – 26 ft long sleek beauty, designed by H. W. Kizer… I certainly wish that they would resurrect this shape and form and put it out on modern streets to fill up gas stations. It was really “low-slung”, as well – a mere 4 inches higher than a 1934 Ford sedan!

(images via)

See more pics and info here.


“Mechtorians” by Doctor A.

This is steampunk robot art at its most evocative and sophisticated. See the whole gallery of these characters on Doctor A’s website:

(image credit: Doctor A.)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Peggy, Anzac, and Cupcake – more pics and info:

(image via)

Interesting room illusion by Luiz Eduardo Borges, Brazil –

(image credit: Luiz Eduardo Borges)

If looks could kill… -

(photo by Jan Lowe)

Bobby Darin’s 1961 dream car! -

(image via)

Someone had nothing to do in class… -

(original unknown)

Smooth Ride! -

(original unknown)

New “Super Machines” by Jan von Holleben – See more:

(images credit: Jan von Holleben)

Wonderful glamour of the 1920s movies -


Do not ride elephants, do not walk on elephants? Weird sign, indeed -

(original unknown)

Lost deep in thought -

(original unknown)


Rare & Somewhat Bizarre Soviet Presidential Limo: ZIL 111 Concept

Did you ever see three headlights on a car in a row?

(image via Franticek Kada)

Here is another one, unauthorized:

(original unknown)


Absinthe Sampling Kit: ALMOST as good as during Belle Epoque in Paris!

Are you an absintheur (having a passion for absinthe)? The famous “green fairy” is available from They sell cool “Absinthe Explore” kit and have a neat tutorial video on how to serve absinthe in a classic way.

(images credit: Yury Seleznev, Deklofenak, courtesy of Shutterstock)

Interestingly, some of the most popular distilleries still use alembics that are over a century old to produce absinthe. Should make an interesting venture / expedition to see making of absinthe, methinks.


A true personal touch in care and packaging!

This is just an advertising stunt, but I’d like to see this made in real life! -

(images via)


“Wild Wheelchairs”, by a steampunk master Lance Greathouse

“I want it all! And I want it yesterday!” For all aspiring Dr. Evil characters out there, here are some wicked weaponized wheelchairs for starters:

(images credit: Lance Greathouse)

See more “Dr. Evil” vehicles and devices here

(images credit: Lance Greathouse)


(original unknown)

Here is a twisty marvel to behold:



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