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Turning A Sphere Inside Out

Scroll down for today’s pictures & links.

Turning A Sphere Inside Out

This is slightly mind-boggling. Some people may experience disorientation and weird “reality shift” goosebumps:


Today’s pictures & links:

The Lybian Rock Forest

This is Maghidet in the Fezzan desert (Sahara area) in Lybia. Fantastic landscape, captured by Marina Savina. See more here.

(image credit: Marina Savina)


Give Me a Kiss?

(original unknown)


Latest from the Extreme Instability

Storm hunting photography by Mike Hollingshead:

(image credit: Mike Hollingshead)


Can you find a leaf insect in this picture?

Yes, there are bugs here – remarkably camouflaged leaf insects! This picture is one of the winners of World Photography Award 2011. See the rest here.

(photo by Renhiu Zhao, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

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Space Suits Evolution – [great pictorial]
Truly Bizarre Look at North Korea – [state-approved photos]
This is one ring you can’t be without – [funny]
Don’t forget this link to the Best Wallpapers – [cool]
Abandoned Alien (no, Communist) Monuments – [wow pics]
Longest-Running Science Experiments – [interesting]
Coolest Way to Erase a CD, more – [wow video]
How to keep your house safe from the flood – [wow video, pics]
This Dog Really Wants to Play – [fun video]
Another Creative Use of Little Space – [wow video]
Marvelous Ball Magnets Machine – [wow video]
Crazy Unexpected Spring Landslide – [wow video]
Top Ten Weird Hotels & Hostels – [travel]
Everything is a Pick! Cool Punch – [gadget]


This sign is in Spanish…


Satellite’s Pit Stop

Checking the Explorer XVII Satellite, 1963 – more info.

(image credit: NASA)

Dwarfed by the engines (Dr. von Braun stands by the five F-1 engines):

(image via)


This guy would’ve been prosecuted in the 1960s Soviet Russia, for his idle lifestyle

When we see this picture, we applaud the guy’s inventiveness and creative thought. But when the communist regime published this picture, it was supposed to condemn the idle, not-working-in-a-factory lifestyle… This guy could have served the prison sentence for idling (tuneyadstvo) in 1961-1965 Russia. In fact, many poets and artists were prosecuted on these “grounds”, including Nobel Prize Winner poet Josef Brodsky -

(published in Communist Youth magazine “Smena”, 1960)


Jumbo Jet Bridge

Excellent Post-Apocalyptic engineering (architecture) – concept art by Jae-Cheol Park:

(image credit: Jae-Cheol Park)


Send her to the high heaven –

All the way to Kingdom Come… Experimenting on humans? What’s going on here?

(original unknown)


There is your problem

(original unknown)


Hard, hard rock

or, rather – grunge:

(original unknown)


You, But Smaller.

Do you need a gift for the person who has everything? Be A Doll is here to solve your problems. Order a 12″ doll/ action figure of your friend or family member, and you can be the hit of any celebration:

The face is sculpted from photos and dressed in the clothing of your choice. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, corporate events, or just to say I love you. Order your doll here.


The Epic Battle at the End of Time

Who will win this round? Great wallpaper for the 2012 – click to enlarge:

(Longcat vs. Tacgnol – image via, circa 2007)


Bad News

“Mr. President, about, uhhh, 35 minutes ago, General Jack Ripper, the commanding general of, uhhh, Burpelson Air Force Base, issued an order to the 34 B-52’s of his Wing, which were airborne at the time as part of a special exercise we were holding called Operation Drop-Kick. Now, it appears that the order called for the planes to, uh, attack their targets inside Russia. The, uhhh, planes are fully armed with nuclear weapons with an average load of, um, 40 megatons each. Now, the central display of Russia will indicate the position of the planes. The triangles are their primary targets; the squares are their secondary targets. The aircraft will begin penetrating Russian radar cover within, uh, 25 minutes.”
— Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

Created by iwdrm. There are a lot of neat cinematic gifs at this site.


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May 13th, 2011

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