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The Road to Fairy Meadows

Scroll down for today’s pictures & links.

The Road to Fairy Meadows

Pakistan’s Fairy Meadows must be really worth the trip… and a few heart-stopping moments along the way.


Here’s another video, going from the other direction – click here.

Today’s pictures & links:


Created by Stanislav Odyagailo from Ukraine, this is a pure joy to behold:

(“To Catch a Wind”, art by Stanislav Odyagailo)

See the color version here. Here is another piece, “Leaving Doubts”:

(image credit: Stanislav Odyagailo)


A Rose Made from Galaxies

Something mind-blowingly immense and beautiful – courtesy Hubble telescope:

(image via HubbleSite)

These are Arp 273 and UGC 1810 galaxies. See the high-resolution image here.


What is this? Why is she wearing this?

UPDATE: Apparently, this is a smog helmet, featured in the Popular Science issue from 1949 – see here


Hanging On (More Extreme Sports)

Continuing our Extreme Sports theme, we need to mention the running series on National Geographic Extreme Photos of the Week. Here is one of them – “no rope”, free daredevil climbing at Yosemite… see more here:

(image credit: Dean Potter)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Longest Sentence in English, Longest Novel – [cool info]
Really Beautiful Interior of the Berliner Dom – [wow photo]
Impressive Abandoned Soviet-style Monuments
Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench – [infographic]
Awesome Concept Skyscrapers in China – [architecture]
Steampunk USB Drive Done Right – [gadgets]
Recycled! Star Wars Vehicles, Alien Blobs – [wow design]
This Machine is for… Wait for it! – [wow video]
Bohemian Rhapsody Sung by: Robots, Four Finnish Guys – [fun video]
Luckiest Squirrel Ever – [wow video]
Trolling Saruman – [fun video]
Fantastic Animation by Pierre Bertrand – [cool videos]
Find Your Perfect Patio – [summer fun]


The Giant Destroyer of the Future

Back from the pages of Popular Science (December, 1916) is this intimidating humongous machine. See our “Strange Tanks” series for more such mechanical atrocities:

(images credit: Popular Science, December 1916)

According to our readers, this machine is similar to Tzar-Tank of Lebedenko (Russia, 1916) – see here.


Prairie Surrealism

This is perhaps one occasion when Photoshopping a whole planet, or two, into a landscape seems appropriate… Prairie skies are immense enough to warrant an extra planet hidden in the sunset:

(image via, original unknown)


Index typewriter “GUNDKA”, Germany 1924

Remember we ran the article about Weird Antique Typewriters? Well, we seem to have missed this kind:

(image via)

More info about this fascinating product can be found here.


North Korea Finally Finishes its Grandiose Skyscraper

The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, was long a favorite of urban explorers: a haunted, abandoned skyscraper, full of apocalyptic interiors and zombie-like exterior… well, no more. North Korea has finished the project and even clad the exterior in shiny glass. Futuristic? Certainly!

(image credit: Mark)

See more recent photographs from North Korea here, some of them are still pretty other-worldly.


Renault “Frendzy” Concept Car

Finally a concept car that promises to be practical, flexible (combining mobile office and a family van) and really… different looking? – more info & video

(images via)



Emperor Tamarin: Mother & Child -

(image via)


All Aboard!

Another surreal beauty created by Tebe Interesno artist from Russia (scroll down):

(image via Tebe Interesno, see larger)


Anyone wants a rocket?

(original unknown)

…only you will have to transport it (push it) yourself:


Ladies! The Ultimate Empowerment:


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