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The Most Shapely Car Ever Built?

“QUANTUM SHOT” #90(rev)
Link – by Avi Abrams

This could be the most shapely car ever built:
Beautiful Pininfarina-Alfa Romeo concept car (1969)

This could be a classic case of split identity: two prototype cars had the same gorgeous body, both designed by the great Italian design firm Pininfarina in 1968-1969. The first was Pininfarina Ferrari 250 Prototipo P5, shown in Geneva in 1968; the second – Pininfarina Alfa Romeo 33 Coupe Prototipo Speciale, made for the Paris show in 1969.

Treat your eyes to the slim and sensual forms the likes of which have not graced the streets since… well, 1969. Certainly we can not complain if Pininfarina’s virtuoso of design used it on more than one prototype car!

(images credit: AllSportAuto)

If you have pictures of a Ferrari prototype (presented a year earlier, in 1968) – send them in. It will be fun to compare the twins.

On the left below: Tipo 33 concept by Pininfarina 1969 – the right image is Tipo 33 Cuneo concept by Pininfarina 1968:

(images via)

Other Ferrari prototypes made by Pininfarina in the same time period:

(Ferrari 512S prototype, prepared by Pininfarina for the 1969 Turin show: designer Filippo Sapino.)

Bonus: New Exotic Ferrari, Only One Was Built

A devoted Ferrari-lover has comissioned the famous coach-builder company to make a unique one-off Ferrari that would convey as much excitement in its lines as humanly possible. More info about this exotic beast here:

(image via)


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October 8th, 2010

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