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The Biggest Ships in the World (DRB Series)

DRB Series

Can’t rock these boats… only stare at them in stupefied amazement

What some of these ships may lack in finesse (though most of them are technological marvels), they make up in sheer unadulterated SIZE. Enjoy the fascinating facts and wide-format images in this highly popular series:

First, The Biggest Ships in the World series proper (which we will be updating as new humongous vessels come along):

Biggest Ships in the World, Part 1

Freedom Ship
- a futuristic dream that may just come true

Biggest Ships in the World, Part 2: Supertankers!

Knock Nevis/ Jahre Viking
- big ship with a big story

Biggest Ships in the World, Part 3: Cargo Ships

Huge Container Ships Harass Small Tugboats

Other DRB articles about particularly huge and amazing ships:

Rare Look Inside the Largest Crane & Container Ships

A world record weightlifting in its class. 1600 metric tons.

Japan’s Biggest Floating Crane

Like some Godzilla monster, the giant crane looms over the city; easily lifts bridges and submarines

The Last Victorian Leviathan Steam Ship

An Iron Monster, framed by white sails and black smoke

Giant Iceberg Aircraft Carrier

Strange Dream of a Frozen Navy

The Ultimate Moving: Troll-A Gas Platform

Immense Troll Tower to Move & Conquer!

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January 28th, 2011

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