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Star Wars Superfun Update

Link – article by Avi Abrams

Star Wars as You’ve Never Seen Them Before – in Geek Art and Fan Creativity!

Just finished watching the original trilogy in Blu-ray edition (highly recommended, by the way) – and was pleasantly reminded that we need to update our long-running popular “Star Wars Fun” series (Part 3, Part 2, Part 1)

Since our last update, Star Wars Universe has seen some near-Big-Bang explosion of fantastic art and creativity in made items… inspired by the classic, near immortal, interstellar story of Grand Conflict Between Good and Evil, full of Betrayal, Peril and Redemption at the most importunate times… but I digress; true Star Wars fans stay away from big words and prefer visual proof. Here it is -

We start with the absolutely adorable family photo:

(image via)

A couple of other family gatherings (one is a great car sticker). Meet Chewbacca family:

(images via 1, 2, 3)

“Darth Vader as a World’s Greatest Dad” is actually a t-shirt, buy it here.

Significantly more sinister version of a Stormtrooper, made out of smoke:

(image credit: Kyle Schrider)

… and Darth Vader, made out of “everything Star Wars” (which would make an excellent t-shirt):

(image via)

The brilliant image above is part of the series “Star Wars Identities” by Louis C. Hébert (from the Bleublancrouge advertising agency). See more here.

The MAP OF THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE is too big to include here, but make sure that you see the high resolution version – click here.

Steampunk Darth Vader (by artist Kevin Mowrer), on the other hand, is a little unsettling portrait (perhaps because he looks at you so intently):

(image credit: Kevin Mowrer)

One of the best photos we’ve seen of Luke Skywalker, as though taken from an Akira Kurosawa’s classic warrior movie:

(image via)

And now, BREAKING NEWS! The legendary R2-D2 has been found – on a spaceship, of course:

(image via)

This is a true object, a Shuttle mounting point (a Space Shuttle orbiter mounting point on a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft) – more info.


AT-AT Remixes

Lonely, somber machine stands in the mist, as Star Wars troops invade San Francisco:

(image via)

This image was created by Mike Horn for his “Star Wars West Coast Defense” series. Click here to see more.

Gingerbread AT-AT cake, made by Blackmarket Bakery:

(image via)

More of the AT-AT “remixes”: an AT-AT dog costume, created by Katie Mello (left image above) and AT-AT Pancake Art by Jim Belosic (lots more in his book):

(images via)

Probably the most miserable AT-AT FAIL:

(originals unknown)

Perfect tree house, “a little piece of Endor in your backyard” (more info):

(image via)

Here is a Canadian cousin of AT-AT walker – a moose, of course:

(image via)

This is a metal sculpture by Brad Turner – more info

And, of course, this collection would be incomplete, if we did not include an AT-AT STEAM Walker! -

(image via)

… made from parts of a steam locomotive engine, of course!


Some Rare Behind-the-Scenes Star Wars Photos

A bunch of quite revealing, sweet and unique shots were unearthed recently from film studio archives; see a sample on this page.

This is a great picture… Harrison Ford’s face is the most expressive we’ve ever seen:

If you want to find out how and why the Han Solo’s character remains so incredibly cool, check out Five Lessons from Han Solo page.

Leia is looking sweet and smart:

(images via)

Heroes, ready for action:

Chewbacca, disassembled…. and Wookies, multiplied! -

(image via)

… and R2-D2 on a break:

… and it seems like C-3PO might get a date and a soulmate, after all (left):

(images via)\

Now, the following image is somewhat baffling… really?? -

Nope, this is a mash-up, of course. Here is another one (seen probably in Winnipeg):

(images credit: Franco Brambilla)

Coming back to the genuine behind-the-scenes shots, here is something that can possibly be not-safe-for-work. while Luke and Han Solo are not looking, Chewbacca gets in trouble! – click here.

Here is a beautiful, rare illustration by Dave Dorman – see the whole set of his elaborate Star Wars covers here:

(image credit: Dave Dorman)


“Stormtroopers & Bounty Hunters” Home Decor

Helmets, put to good use:

(images via 1, 2)

The beautiful Tiffany-style Boba Fett lamp (above left) was made by Dorkly – more info. And the poster on the right is simply unforgettable. It’s part of the series created for Le Centre des Sciences de Montreal‘s exhibition “Star Wars Identities”, by artist Louis C. Hébert from the Bleublancrouge advertising agency. See more here.

You gotta love this “Darth” hairdryer, by Tembolat Gugkaev from Russia:

(image via)

Stormtroopers take to hiding inside your keyboard and popping out of it, now and then:

(images credit: Tohru Kao, Ilesino)

Some trinkets on the left, but on the right are the famous Star Wars DIY snowflakes – read instructions on how to make them:

(images via)

“Destroyed Alderaan”? Sure, why not! This toy will sell (among from the other ones from this set)

(images via 1, 2)

The best propaganda poster for your bedroom (inspirational? demotivational?) – from artists Mike Kungl, Cliff Chiang, Joe Corroney:

(image credit: Cliff Chiang)

(images credit: Scott/Crow65, Joe Corroney)

(images via 1, 2)

More great Star Wars t-shirts:

You need a pair of these great Lightsaber Candlesticks for Shabbath (buy it here):

(images via)


Fabulous Street Cosplay Sightings

This is probably the best sighting of a Stormtrooper in a train (Portland’s Cloud City Garrison in transit on the MAX):

(image credit: Luke Olsen)

Certainly more irreverent, but no less eye-catching:

(some images via)




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