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Smile! You’re in Politics (Funny Pics, Part 4)

Link – by A. Abrams

If you’re not having fun doing politics, then you chose the wrong kind of business

Politicians are often convinced that they need to take themselves seriously 100% of the time. However, such glum attitude often leads to sore miscalculations and bizarre ambitions like the Doomsday Machine (see Dr. Strangelove). The following pictures show that there is room for humour in the thick-and-thin of politics, up to the highest political level. The countries which these politicians represent should be proud of their leaders. Loosen up!

Politicians in Paroxisms of Thought and Deliberation

Prince Charles, in a happy mood:

(photo credit: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)

Soviet Communist Party boss Leonid Brezhnev, relaxing at his dacha on the Black Sea:

Again Brezhnev “building bridges” with the Russian Orthodox Church:

His predecessor Nikita Khruschev with Jayne Mansfield “at the Summit” (?) -

In the meantime, Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko has to endure something that he did not bargained for:

Lenin lives! (and watches you, as per “1984″)

A Lenin Pie? -

Speaking about Lenin and Bolsheviks:

Back to Bush

The most photogenic President in history:

(image credit: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(image credit: AP Photo/Paolo Cocco)

(image credit: AP Photo/Paolo Cocco)

(image credit: AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

The Obama Machine:

(art credit: Sam VanOlffen)

Would you vote for the guy in the middle? -

Here is another interesting morph: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev – into last Russian Tzar, Nikolas II:

Steampunk’d WW2 Leaders

Sam VanOlffen sends us his new series (click to enlarge):

(art credit: Sam VanOlffen)

History in the making, in Yalta, 1945 (must be a real ice-breaker):

(image via)

In the meantime, Russian spies employed quite radical methods in Berlin:

Putin, Medvedev & Co.

This is got to be Photoshop, otherwise it’s pretty frightening:

Good chemistry:

Here is a rarely-seen photo: during Ronald Reagan’s visit to Moscow in 1988, there is a man standing on the left, with cameras (pretending to be a tourist). This is Vladimir Putin, just doing his job at the time.

(photo credit: Matthew Continetti, image via)

At the end of the day – satisfied handshake:

(image credit: Reuters/Alexander Zemlyanichenko)

Serious business:

(image: AP, via)

“No!” says the propaganda poster, “Yes!” says Dmitry Medvedev:

Dmitry Medvedev in his younger years:

There are no politicians in this picture, but this is what much of the politics is about: GOLD!

(image via)

Politicians Fighting!

Always fun, if you get tired of endless meetings and congresses:

Don’t miss this list of Top 10 Videos of Politicians Fighting – click here.

Political leaders in various note-worthy (but not always news-worthy) situations:

Temptation! -

Photoshopped tyrants:

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