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Shadow Play

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Shadow Play

Ingenious and very tasteful Christmas advert for the Solaria Plaza in Fukuoka City, Japan.


Today’s pictures & links:

Tsunami of Fog

(image credit: Agus Sutanto)

Another somewhat chilling image of storm clouds, often called “the cloud roll”:

(original unknown)


Crazy About You

(original unknown)


Dramatic Sculptures

The frightened one:

(image credit: Anjelicek, seen in Vienna, Austria)

The love-sick pair:

(image credit: B. Ivanov, seen in Moscow)


Rubbing Elbows

Happy romantic couple, cruising:

(photo by Takeyoshi Tanuma -1962, via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Sinister Nuclear Football, more, pics – [interesting]
Aluminum Man Startles London – [robots]
How to Vanish in a Digital Age – [a must-read article]
Hand-cranked Minimum Wage Machine – [weird tech]
Creative Passport Covers – [weird design]
Eiffel Tower in DubaiWhat Can We Say? – [architecture]
Trying To Get To Little Rock, Still Trying – [music comedy]
Epic beard on the second guy – [wait for it]
A very cool way to wait for the bus – [fun video]
Invasion of the Giant Robots – [wow video]
Ice Disasters!, more – [cool video ads]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! – [promotion]
Photos of unusual animals galore – [compilation]
Fabulous & Offbeat Furniture Designs – [compilation]
Foraging For Food – [green tips]


Fantastically Strange Trucks

If you remember our article about Scary Trucks and Truck Trains, here are a couple of incredible trucks we found recently:

Two-headed MAN fire truck – more info:

This is the two-headed tunnel washer that works in the Mont Blanc tunnel. Having two cabs allow it not to turn around in the tunnel.

Le Tourneau US Army Load Carrier – more info

(images via)

This is “the 1962 US Army’s 13-unit electric hub motor all-wheel-drive Overland Train MkII, built for the US Army Transportation Research and Development Command. A ‘mere’ 382 tonnes GCW and ’small’ 137 tonnes payload.”


I’m always late anyway:


A new “creature” from Sam Van Olffen

Sam Van Olffen’s work we featured before. Today he returns with -

The Obama-Machine!

(art by Sam Van Olffen)


Extreme Graffiti News

We are long overdue for the full-length article about graffiti since our last Graffiti Showcase. In the meantime, here are some eye-catching examples:

(top left – quote from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery; top right – “Snakes & Ladders”, via)

See other awesome graffiti on this page.


Steampunk Animals by James Corbett, The Car Part Sculptor

John Davies Gallery has the exhibition of works by James Corbett, each a unique, somewhat whimsical structure built from car parts:

(art by James Corbett)


Big Heads

Click to enlarge – really bizarre ad campaign by DDB London Agency. I feel uncomfortable just looking at these:


Another one of these “get rich quick” schemes?

Sell these, together with a 30-day course of starting a donut farm.



(original unknown)


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