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Quick Shot: Dieselpunk Art


Quick Update: Great Dieselpunk Art

Is there such a thing as “blimp-punk”? Well, these airships are sufficiently dark, industrial and dirty to be called such… Click to enlarge, this is fantastic and very atmospheric work “Landscapes L51″ by Gutalin! – see it in detail here.

Also, don’t miss this wonderfully futuristic vision of the Gears City by Daniel Dociu:

(art by Daniel Dociu)

Daniel Dociu is a video game art director and concept artist at NCsoft North America & ArenaNet. Dociu was born in Cluj, Romania.

Here is yet another lovely dieselpunk artwork by Stefan Prohaczka:

…and a nameless futuristic city by Benedict Campbell (see more here – some nsfw):

(art by Benedict Campbell)

Don’t miss these REAL dieselpunk images from the 1940s US War Effort (in wonderful Kodachrome, see more at Shorpy):

(images via)


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