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Overloaded! (Funny Pics)

Link – by Avi Abrams

Heavy Loads, Crazy Traffic, No Help Along the Way…

We’ve done quite a few issues of incredibly outrageous pics in our Crazy Logistics Series, but today we are going to focus on one particular area of human ingenuity – carrying loads, the more the better, in as few runs back-and-forth as possible.

Overloaded in Tchad!

These transports near Ounianga, Tchad, need to take as many supplies as possible (especially lots of water) for the long and arduous desert crossing:

(image credit: Jacques Taberlet)

All tied together with bungee cords or simple ropes, such loads do require a lot of preliminary planning to stay together -

(image credit: Jacques Taberlet)

Packing the Toyota truck with meat and supplies in Lybia – not really overloaded, but certainly prepared:

(image credit: Jacques Garrigues)

This truck in Algeria is filled with bags of camel hair, seen at a gas station in Arak:

(image credit: David Rombaut)

Cars, Horse Carts, and Boats – Taken to Their Load Limits, and Then Some

Maintaining the balance of the load is of utmost importance:

Spotted in Turkey:

(images sent in by Dorukhan Oren)

Such a precious cargo! -

A man transports used empty plastic cans on a horse cart to a junkyard at Panchkula in Haryana, India:

(photo credit: Ajay Verma/Reuters)

A man yawns while riding on a donkey cart loaded with recyclable materials in Changzhi, China:

(photo credit: Stringer Shanghai/Reuters)

“I’m Carrying” (NOT the well-known Paul McCartney song)

Extra-fragile load reqires intense concentration:

A farmer carries cucumbers from his field to sell in the markets in the northern Indian city of Allahabad:

(photo credit: Reuters)

People carrying satellite dishes along the mountain trail, often steep and perilous, is not a rare sight in Himalays:

(right image via)

Moving right along…

Going to the market – sometimes with a very fragile load:

Dogs have to be carried, too: a man pulled a cart with goods on it (as his dogs stood atop the pile) in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

(image via)

Double Whammy! (what’s happening here??):

“Motorcycles and Bicycles Overload” Saga

The following images show pretty epic use of bicycles… though one must wonder if all the loads got to their destination without losing some along the way:

We heard some describing such images as “Difficulty level: Asian”. Most of these images indeed come from Asian countries – and here we have a humorous comparison, which has nothing to do with reality, of course:

Here bricks almost obscure a man: definitely not the way to load your bicycle:

Some teamwork is necessary to bring the load home (right image):

The load on the right image below is starting to come apart at the seams… hope he makes it:

A man transports used pots of paints to sell in a market in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

(image credit: Reuters/Rafiquar Rahman, via)

And then this image seems really puzzling: it’s hard to believe that such heavy load can be evenly distributed not to squash the puny tray and the bicycle:

Incredible Feats of Professional Load Lifting

This amazing stunt was not Photoshopped in any way. This is a real demonstration of the power of Liebherr cranes and the skills of their operators, which took place at ‘2012 Customer Days’ event at Ehingen manufacturing facility in Germany – read the full story here

(image via)

“The highlight of the machine demonstrations was the LR 13000 lifting the three smaller cranes. This particularly tricky lift was the brain-child of Hans-Dieter Willim, Liebherr’s chief crane designer. The LR 13000 has a maximum load moment of 65,000 tonnes… The combination of counterweights, base machine, booms and load meant that a total weight of 5,000 tonnes was applied by the LR 13000 crawlers to the concrete base”.

And we finish with a pretty unique way of loading up the train…

In 1974, Chevrolet Vega cars were being transported via special rail cars known as “Vert-A-Pac”:

… which seems pretty efficient use of space, provided the cars are properly secured inside. Somebody should make a car chase with stunts involving “Vert-A-Pac” rail cars!



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