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Our Little Robot Buddies

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Our Little Robot Buddies

Say Hello To Our Little Friends!.. From the fantastic 1stAveMachine (who also did “Plants With Eyes”) comes this clever and amusing look at what our cute little robot buddies might look like in the near future:


Today’s pictures and links:

For Sale: Lovely House In The Country. Great Orientation.

Gives the phrase “flipping a house” a whole new meaning (spotted in Korea by the photographer Juliane Eirich):

(image via)


No Creamy Center?

Here’s an answer to a question we’ve all asked ourselves: what’s inside the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

(image credit Jason Freeny)

This is a sculpture by Jason Freeny, it’s also for sale on eBay


Umm… You Gotta Do Better Than That!

(original unknown)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Greatest Maps That Changed the World – [fascinating]
Monet 2010: Unbelievably Beautiful Flash Site – [cool site, art]
The Great Energy Scale, more info – [mond-boggling]
50 Years of Japanese Concept Cars – [auto]
Japan’s Amazing Love Hotels – [travel]
Amazingly Unique Hand-Cut Paper Maps – [art]
Who’s Suing Whom in Telecom – [weird infographic]
You’ve Been Eating Carrageenana lot! – [weird fact]
Crazy Tunnel Effects in Shanghai – [wow video]
Houston We Have… Moon Bears! – [hilarious video]
Best Video Moments Mix, courtesy Fogonazos – [wow video]
Beautiful Short Animation: “The Bottle” – [cool video]
For 91 Days – 2 Guys discovering the world of slow travel – [travel]
“Divorcing the Parents” Trend – [compilation]
Loaded Questions! – [well-done series]


Alone in the Arctic

….about 200 miles north of Alaska:

(image credit: MC1 Tiffini M. Jones Vanderwsyt / Navy)

Alone in the City

(original unknown)


Take Her Out For A Spin

Sure it may float, but what we all want to know is if it also flies!

(image via retro-futurism)


In This Corner -

Take Mexican Westling, add Japanese Monsters (!), mix in a lot of fun and you get Kaiju Big Battel (the misspelling is intentional, by the way). The creation of Boston performance artists David Borden and Rand Borden, it’s a chance for fans to root for everything from the heroic Atomic Trooper Robo to the nasty Call-Me-Kevin. Personally, we favor Shadow Trooper in the fifth:

(image credit: Brian McCarty, via)

(images credit: Studio Kaiju)

(image credit: GLK Creative / George Koroneos)


Someone Needs To Do Some Laundry

It happens to the best of us. Just don’t use too much starch.

(image credit: Thomas Kratz)


What A Wonderful Red Wagon

It may have taken over 11 months but Fred Keller and Judy Foster’s creation of a drivable Radio Flyer Wagon is simply staggering:

(images via)

Here is on over-the-top golf cart, too (more info):

See the rest of our “Strangest Vehicles” series – Part 1Part 4


Get The Point?

Beautiful aren’t they? But try to guess what these lovely scultpures are made of… Here’s a hint: you have to be the sharpest one in the box to create something so amazing. And Jennifer Maestre is definitely sharp!

(images credit: Jennifer Maestre)


Esther Williams in “Models Ahoy!”



Talk About A One-Of-A-Kind Ride!

Having only a Ferrari is so blase (yawn). So Livio De Marchi created a totally unique one that isn’t just made of wood but also floats – and is seen here in these pictures puttering around the canals of Venice!

(images via Livio De Marchi)


Ruined Lego

See this ruined house? Well, you are but you aren’t: this incredible sculpture was created by Mike Doyle from (wait for it) Lego bricks:

(image credit: Mike Doyle)


Bad, Bad “Oops!”…. (animated violence)


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