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Most Epic Engine Rebuild

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Most Epic Engine Rebuild

The guy who made this awesome stop-motion animation called it “11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee” (dark roasted coffee, we’re sure). He stripped down an old engine and completely rebuilt it, all the while taking pictures. The music is “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” from Edvard Griegs “Peer Gynt Suite”.

Watch out for leftover parts!


Today’s pictures & links:

Animals in the City

Some require more space than others…

(images via)

This is a totally awesome “Animal Regulation” series by a Chinese photographer Di Liu. See more here.


Abandoned Airplane Converted into a Cafe

This is Café May Bay, located at 10°48’36.72’’N 106°40’11.29’’E – near Tan Son Nhut airport, in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Vietnam:

(images send by Aurelien-Jouve)

What a find! An old Russian airliner now serves as a roof to a street cafe. Its wings provide a very welcome protection during the rainy season… The plane also sits on the former place of the MACV (American Military HQ for Vietnam during the war). The old swimming pool and tennis courts of the MACV are still there, a few meters from the plane cafe.

See some other cool airplane conversions into hotels, restaurants and houses in our article Plane Obsessed!


Fallen Angel…

… gets stuck right on top of a house in Madrid.

(original unknown)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Mars Landing as 7 Minutes of Terror, info – [wow space, video]
“Blood from a Stone”? A Living Creature! – [wow nature]
Sliding the building to a new location – [cool tech]
Solar Cells + Wind Turbines + Bridge – [awesomeness]
Phantom Shanghai, by Greg Girard – [abandoned]
Absolutely Great Site for the “Old Time Radio” – [vintage]
Seriously? Chickens Dressed Like Julius Caesar – [funny]
The Book of Mozilla – [cool easter egg]
Are these grooves on a vinyl? – [cool idea]
One of the Creepiest Ads: Cosmetic Damage – [PS disasters]
Using Whistling Instead of Language – [wow video]
Cherry-Picking Diesel-Powered Harvester – [wow video]
Gliding in a Boat at 300 km/hr – [wow video]
Startup Bus (something different) – [cool video]
Google Play Apps – [sponsored]


Swim right to the edge!

Two hundred meters high… Great view from the Marina Bay Pool at Skypark Sands, Singapore. See video here. Don’t worry, there is a small balcony in front of the pool.


Hand Conundrums

A certain talent! -

Elephant Tattoo (looks pretty cool in this hand position, but probably would look strange at any other angle):



Fly-fishing art by painter A. D. Maddox; see more here:

(image credit: A. D. Maddox)


Great Vintage Photo Finds

Here are some “cool cats” from the Peninsula, Virginia: The staff of General Fitz-John Porter; Lts. William G. Jones and George A. Custer reclining. May-August 1862.

Inside the Olgin’s Sugar Factory, City of Sumy, Ukraine 1884 -

And a great portrait of the Last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II – Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov:

The whole album of the Russian Imperial Army from 1892 is quite spectacular (very unique photographs, very few of such collections are left). See it complete here, or see some high-res selections from it on this page.


Luxurious Light Fixture Gets Tested in a Slaughterhouse

One design company in Darmstadt, Germany,was ordered to create a huge chandelier for a mansion in Saudi Arabia… but could not find a room big enough to test it. So they hung it up inside a nearby slaughterhouse, profoundly surprising all resident cows and bulls.


“Lightning Ridge” Black Opal

This beautiful mineral from Australia seem to contain lightning inside of it…

(image credit: Wood’s Stoneworks)

Also, look at the red opal variety here.


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Good night! – “Living with a Lion” from LIFE Archive, info:

(image via)

1936 BMW Schneekrad – see more at our article “Magnificent Motorcycles, Part Two” –

One wrong move, and… -

Great use of a balloon:

Finally, a solution… (possibly, just a Photoshop, though):

(original unknown)

“The Da Vinci Cat”:

But seriously, this, hm… contraption was tested recently in Amsterdam – see here


Meanwhile in Japan…

Giant robots, and sexy pop bottles? Sounds about right!



What a fitting name for this particularly ghastly kind of a scorpion: The Deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus)!

(image credit: Matt Reinbold)

The photographer Matt Reinbold says: “This is just what it would look like in real life… All scorpions glow under blacklight. Combined with the ambient light in the room, this is what it looks like.” Some scorpions in Utah glow a vivid green color!


Spotted: Modernist Wood Sculpture in Perm, Siberia, Russia

(images credit: Ratmir)

Spotted in the same area: a curious recently-made hovercraft vehicle with name “Mars” on it. Any other info would be appreciated! -

(image via)


What?… Why??…

Air conditioning… -

Do not jump on it:

Surprise! -


Have a great trip!



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