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#194Week of January 8, 2013

Absolutely Awesome: Dr Grordbort Animation – [a short film]
Goliathon 800 “Moon Hater” Death-ray – [want, badly]
Bizarre Spiral Cloud, like a DNA – [wow nature]
Yet Another Year When World Came Closest to Nuclear War – [this time in 1995]
The Room of Chaos: inside New York Stock Exchange – [pics]
Related: New York Stock Exchange is For Sale – [ICE is buying]
Building Colored Ice Igloo (DIY process) – [great idea!]
Two Madrid Codices by Leonardo da Vinci are Online! info – [fantastic]
A Look at Baltimore’s Urban Decay – [abandoned, pics]
ALL of the Goon Radio Shows (that John Lennon loved) – [available here]
The Other, “Top Secret” Moscow Metro-2 – [huge military system]
Including Mind-Boggling Underground City – [for 15,000 people]
Most Expensive Apartments in New York City – [with pics]
Great 360 Panorama of the Moscow University- [great info, too]
Another Incredible Panorama: Dragon Falls (plus pic) – [wow nature]
Christ Child Looks Lovingly at a… Yarn Winding Device – [rare da Vinci Painting]
Most luxurious Lodges, Most Brutal Prisons – [weird info]
Unique WWII Bomber-Jacket Art – [retro, style]
Wikimapia: great mapping site – [best for Asian cities]
Steampunk Airship Snowglobes – [cute, design]
“The Hobbit”: Soviet 1985 Movie – [an oddity...]
Rare Japanese Singing Bird Automaton, more- [wow videos]
Girls Plus Chromed Big Rigs – [great photo series]
Slender, Very Slender Skyscrapers Are Built – [architecture]
Spectacular Chemical Reaction: Red Hot Nickel – [wow video]
Entire Flight: Cockpit View, lots more – [cool videos]
Richard Feynman’s Ode to a Flower – [short animation]
Wildest Car Stunt This Month – [wow video]
Another Insane Car crash Compilation from Russia – [wow video]
“Song Of The South”: Banned Walt Disney Film (info) – [video, movie]
Compressionhead: The World’s Heaviest Metal Band – [music video]


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January 8th, 2013

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