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#191Week of November 7, 2012

Here’s who should’ve been elected – [The Hero!]
Amazing List of Disney’s Historic Failures – [interesting]
Spaceship House Built Outside Moscow – [pics, transl.]
Stunning Surreal Art: Igor Morski – [wow art]
Have fun exploding nuclear bombs & supervolcanoes – [cool site]
SuperStratos: Impressive Huge Futuristic Plane – [scifi art]
Super-Bizarre Flower Structures – [futurism art]
Strangest Air Traffic Control Towers – [architecture]
Still the most surreal underwater image – [wow pic]
Super Tesla Gun, by Steve Ward – [geek tech]
… And How to Build One – [Tesla Coil Design, full manual]
Creepy? Excerpts from Deteriorated Silent Films – [videos]
Biggest Jumbo Jet with Sleeping Couches! more – [airplanes]
The Cold War “Kitchen Debate”, script, video – [history]
Most Terrifying Weapon: Documentary – [wow weapon]
Most Successful Pirate Ever: a Chinese Lady – [weird history]
Sweden Wants Your Trash, Badly – [science]
Wow! 3D Animated View of a Nebula – [gif, scroll down]
Prehistoric Cat-sized Horse – [nature, cute?]
Mechanical Laser-Cut Gear-Fractal Computer! – [what a title]
Nested Fractal Gears, even better – [mesmerizing]
Pretty Entertaining Japanese Comedy Duo – [fun video]
Tough Bridge vs. Trucks – [wow video]
When Television Was Young – [cool video]
Launching the Space Tiger w/30,000 bottle rockets! – [wow video]
Airport Approach: Like Puppets on a String – [cool video]
Icy Roads in Russia: “Time to Run!” – [wow video]
Stubborn Cat Gets Into a Box – [fun video]
Extreme Off-Road, Track, Underwater – [wow videos]
Be-A-Doll: Get Action Figures of your Loved Ones – [great gift idea]
Deadliest Rock Concerts, Weirdest Air Disasters – [cool info]
Craziest Costumes for Dogs – [compilation]


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