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#187Week of September 5, 2012

Time Travel: Color Photos of Paris in 1914 – [unique collection]
Inside the Yakuza Gang (with Photos) – [interesting]
Epic Fight: Shark vs. Octopus – [wow video]
Magnificent Ejection Event on the Sun – [space pic]
Parking Lambo in a Living Room, Bonus – [wow videos]
Super Link: Most Watched TED Talks – [got some time?]
The Smoothest Con Man That Ever lived – [weird]
Awesome Pic: Dubai From Above – [urban madness]
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Restoration – [unique article, archived]
Nan Madol (origin of Cthulhu Mythos) at Pohnpei – [mystery remains...]
The Accidental History of the @ Symbol- [interesting]
Little Known (Ugly) Facts About Columbus – [history]
Saving Out-of-Print Sci-Fi Books – [much needed]
World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites – [travel]
Crazy Chunks of Ice Falling from the Sky – [wow weather]
One of the more interesting recent concept cars – [auto]
Awesome Color Images of Giant Planets – [wow space]
The Past and the Future of Flying Cars – [thought-provoking, long]
Epic Concert Performance in Nazi Berlin – [wow video, music]
Robot Falls in Love with Vacuum (Prank) – [fun video]
Spectacular Light Show of 50 Quadrocopters – [wow video]
Little Girl vs. Angry Russian Teacher – [wow video]
Mesmerizing Magic Carpet – [wow video]
Dog Steals Cabbage – [strangely funny]
Really Dangerous Highway Situations. Be Careful. – [wow videos]
Very Satisfying to See This Robot Run – [neat video]
18 Trucks (in 2 rows!) on top of one truck – [wow video]
Angry Little Gekko! – [fun video]
Batman of Shanghai: Extreme Animation – [wow video]
Tallest Concrete Dams – [compilation]
10 Things to Remind You of the 1980s – [compilation]


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September 6th, 2012

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