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#180Week of May 16, 2012

Every Ship Lost by Great Britain in WW2, hi-res – [super image]
Extreme Climbing in Moscow, pics – [urban]
Spectacular Planet System Found – [wow space]
Predictions about 2001 from 1901 – [futurism]
Forbidden Colors Can Be Seen! – [fascinating]
StratoCruiser!, VW MicroBus – [concepts]
Unveiled: Plans to Nuke the Moon – [history]
Tokyo Sumida River Lit Up with 100,000 LEDs – [art]
Our True Humanity Reach – [wow space]
More of the Scale of the Universe – [with additional info]
The Caterpillar That Makes Its Own Camouflage, more – [pics]
The First Practical Artificial Leaf- [wow science]
Biomes of the Earth: Geography – [cool map]
And the Global Amount of Water on Earth – [infographic]
First James Bond actor: Barry Nelson – [interesting]
Turn Anything Into a Keyboard, video – [crazy project]
Aeolipile: 1st Century B.C. Steam Engine – [info]
The Monument to Electricity that Never Was – [colossal]
Spooky Abandoned Australian Prison – [gross, pics]
Frightening Mosquitoes Invasion – [pics, scroll down]
Pulsar Sound: Cosmic Drum Beat – [wow video]
It’s hard work but somebody’s gonna do it – [fun video]
Truly Weird Dance from the 1950s – [fun video]
Narrow Twisting Road: a Truck and a Bus – [wow video]
Mesmerizing Play: Hit that ball! – [wow video]
Carmageddon: Screwed Up Physics – [nsfw, Michael Bay-like]
Impossible Plane Surfing, with Bus – [game videos]
Camaro Axle Total Failure – [wow video]
London Futurism from 1924 – [cool video]


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