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#171Week of December 19, 2011

Black holes 10 billion times the size of the Sun – [wow space]
Wow! Most Expensive Power Amp, more – [hi-fi audio]
Great Short Talk: Weird, or Just Different? – [video]
U.S. Routes as a Subway Map, hi-res – [see it large]
Some languages can’t separate blue from green – [info]
When Tyrants Die, People Weep Hysterically – [every time!]
Landscape Absurdism: Las Vegas Suburbs – [pics]
Neat Solar-Powered Sound Installation – [cool video]
Advanced Hyper-Speed Weapon Just Tested – [Mach 5]
Britain’s Money Trees Mystery – [interesting]
Some Spiders Have Brains That Spill Into Their Legs – [weird]
Radical New Skyscraper for New York- [architecture]
Let it Snow! Google’s Surprise – [wait for it]
Here’s a small laser inside a tumbler dryer – [wow pic]
Wood Cutting & Splitting Machine – [cool tech video]
Stunning Paper Craft Artist – [Japanese, scroll down]
Living Inside Osaka’s Stadium: Strange! – [wow pic]
Inside a Toddler’s Brain – [funny; so true!]
Overview of Crazy Inventions from China – [weird]
Friendly Bear Waves Hello – [fun video]
Supercar Taxis Prank – [fun video]
Best of Web 2011 & Best Fails 2011 – [wow videos]
Mission Impossible Chipmunk Protocol – [cool mash-up]
Hilarious Cat: Who’s There?? – [fun video]
Penguins Are Attacked! – [fun video ad]
If a spider could play the cello… – [this is what he'd play!]
More cello madness, Star Wars style – [fun video]
Timescapes: video took 2 years to make – [wow video]
Incredible DIY Virtual Movie Experience! – [wow video]
Self-Indulged Travel: Beautiful Photography – [cool site]
Extreme Places to Get Married – [compilation]
Another dismembered Photoshop disaster – [funny]
Drink a Beer in Space! – [extreme tour]
Great Charity Video! Shoebox World – [good for Christmas]


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December 20th, 2011

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