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#164Week of August 30, 2011

Vertigo! CN Tower Edge Walk, info – [wow video]

Space Hotel: Plans by a Russian Firm – [space tech]

Where is Wall-E? – [great time-waster]

Human Hair necklaces – [weird fashion]

What if the Earth was a cube? – [fascinating]

The Tragic Story of Apollo 1 – [space history]

Must-see: A second before geiser eruption – [wow photo]

Reconsidering the Moon: Awesome Illusions – [weird]

Oldest Antarctic Sea Monster – [dinosaurs]

Vampire Killing Kit… Beautiful – [vintage]

Typographic Transit Maps – [wow design]

One of the best reviews of sf pulp art- [retrofuture]

Illuminated Manuscript: Silmarillion by Tolkien – [art]

Record-breaking Polar Vehicle – [cool auto]

Stuck Insects Become Jewelry – [design]

Weird: Woman Made of Candles – [wow designs]

Underground “river” beneath the Amazon – [wow nature]

Classic Prints Modified with Aliens – [wow art]

Lorenzo Duran’s Cut-away Leaf Art – [inspiring]

The Loneliest Plant in the World – [nature]

Winking Bear Portraits – [fun art]

Composite Photos of New York Day/Night – [wow pics]

Cute! Nautilus made from bottle caps – [cool art]

In the Fall: Whole Life before Your Eyes – [fun video]

Real Practice?Now with Rainbows! – [fun videos]

Rhythmic gymnastics with ball…, Imagine that! – [wow video]

Best Marketing Campaign Ever? – [cool video]

100 years of London’s Fashion (speeded up) – [cool video]

Lots of Actor Impressions / Parodies – [fun video]

The Moustache Club: Why not? – [fun video]

Preventing Toplessness Since 2004: Funny t-Shirts – [funny]

How Pasta came from China to America – [interesting]

Mafia is looking for you. Here is proof. – [online fun]

Over 20.000 products for only 1 Dollar – [promotion]


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August 31st, 2011

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