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#161Week of July 15, 2011

Ghastly 2-meter-long Sea Creature, info – [Leptocephalus video]
The Wonders of Tree Bark – [fantastic photography]
1988: Iran Air Flight Shot Down by US, info – [disaster]
Extreme: Climbing the Golden Gate Bridge – [wow pics]
Huge Breakthrough in Computer Memory – [science]
Wow: Hypothermal Worm, Mosquito Eyes, more – [micro]
Secret Mechanics Optical Illusion, more – [wow art]
Micro-Melons: 20 times smaller – [weird food]
Brutus: The Monster Croc – [wow nature]
Every Ship to Scale (tip: find Eiffel Tower first) – [sci-fi art]
Urban Art: Chalk Portraits, Car Dirt – [street art]
Most Amazing 3D Maps of China Cities – [Shanghai, Beijng]
Groovy Interviews Site: Mick Jagger, etc. – [culture]
Real Life James Bond from… Winnipeg – [interesting]
South Sudan: The world’s Newest Country – [infographic]
Glorious Days of Theater Goers – [vintage gallery]
Recycle: Steampunk Mantis, Weapons – [design]
Why do we get “pruney” fingers in water? – [interesting]
You can make your own WiFi internet for nothing – [info]
Saving a Humpback Whale Tangled up in a Net – [cool video]
Very Cool “SuperWheel” Robot Prototype – [video]
Vocal Hits, Impressive Acapella Mix – [wow video]
Caught on Video: Dutch TV Tower Collapse – [wow video]
Parachute Stuck (Worst Nightmare) – [wow video]
Sublime: Nature Reflected in Our Life – [cool video ad]
You Cannot Unsee This: Beard Monkey! – [fun video]
Going Down the Stairs: Japanese TV Style – [fun video]
Get on a Hunt: Pac-Man Lookalikes – [urban spotting]
Weirdest Meats People Actually Enjoy Eating – [weird]
Absolute Dream Tubs – [cool interior design]
Wicked Mafia Game. Be Tony Soprano. – [macho gaming]


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