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#158Week of May 29, 2011

Apocalypses That Did Not Happen – [fascinating]
Map of the World in Facebook Connections – [cool graphic]
Steam Fire Engine – [epic flickr photo]
A Metal Puzzle That Transforms into a Gun! – [wow video]
Top Optical Illusions of 2011 – [wow compilation]
Many will relate to this hilarious sketchbook – [funny]
Rice Fields: This is a Photograph, Not a Painting! – [wow pic]
Incredible Stained Glass Panorama – [flickr photo]
Useful “Ostrich” Device – [funny design]
Abstract Fluid Art Forms of Ernesto Neto – [art]
Smallest & Coziest Victorian Cottage – [architecture]
Stinging Caterpillars! – [great photos]
Martin Jetpack: Ordinary-Fantastic Solo Flight – [tech video]
Great 360 Panorama of Paris- [travel]
Baffling Vertical-Horizontal Illusion – [wow fact]
Strange Crooked Forest in Poland – [weird photo]
Birds- Fighting- Each Other – [photos]
Vintage Machines That Exercised For You – [retro tech]
World’s Most Expensive Camera – [$1.89 million]
Xetobyte: Truly Wonderful Surreal Art
Miniature Urban Sculptures, Food People – [wow art]
Huge Printer Ink Spill on a Highway – [oops!]
WaveJet: Better & Easier Way to Surf – [cool video]
Earth Spinning in the Most Sublime Way – [wow video]
The Cutest Thing: Hugging Baby Kitten – [neat video]
Super Stunt: Bike Triple Backflip – [wow video]
Dog vs. Deer: What Just Happened? – [fun video]
Probably The Best Animal Movie Ever Filmed – [wow video]
Pakistan the Beautiful – [new travel photos]
Exploring Melbourne Backstreets – [travel]


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