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#153Week of March 14, 2010

Discover the Effect of a Nuclear Bomb in Your City – [map]
The Human Planet: Awesome Photography – [with narration]
Moon Cave, big enough to contain a city – [discovery]
Rare Photography of the Fossil Fish – [nature]
Japanese Futuristic Art in the 1970s
The Good and Bad of Nicholas Cage – [cool chart]
Impressive Wave-Motion Kinetic Sculptures – [wow art]
Incredible Screwdriver-powered Vehicle – [bike]
Decorated Gas Tanks! – [urban design]
Rare Photos of Eva Braun & Hitler – [history]
New York Skyline at 2015: 3D Render – [architecture]
Experiment on the Moon: The Hammer & the Feather – [video]
Strange Sight: the Biggest Cross-Country Ski Race – [video]
Cold War Milestone: Berlin Crisis of 1961 – [history]
LAPD Radio Stream, under Cool Vibe – [neat audio site]
Upgrading through every version of Windows – [experiment]
Top Prices for Collectible Gum! – [who knew]
Bizarre Knight Attires – [great pictorial]
404 Error Page from a Moldovian Site – [could be loud, but fun]
Pop Icons Recycled, Chimneys Demolished – [galleries]
Pencil Carving Art by Dalton Getty – [art]
The Force Re-Leashed – [fun video]
Biker Passes Underneath Tractor – [wow video]
Wicked, Wicked Weather – [strange video ad]
Sidewise Crab Car – [silly fun video]
The Infinite House: Surreal – [great video ad]
Penguin’s Leap of Faith – [fun video]
World’s Worst Airports – [compilation]


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