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#145Week of November 11, 2010

10 Centuries in 5 Minutes: European History – [fascinating video]
Recreating the 1950s in Awesomely Detaled Models, info – [flickr set]
Tractomas: The World’s Largest Truck Tractor, info – [wow tech]
The Crosley Revolution: Micro Vinyl Records Player – [gadgets]
Jeff Nishinaka: Awesome Paper Art – [wow art]
Great Airbus-A380 Cockpit Emulation – [cool site]
USS Enterprise in flight… underwater – [cool video]
3D Girl Hologram Performance (Idoru, anyone?) – [concert in Japan]
Great Veteran Cars Run London-Brighton, more – [auto]
Emulating Still Life with Live Models – [cool art]
Comet Photos: Cosmic Peanut Hartley 2 – [space]
Beer Boxes Used for Construction – [architecture]
Cool & Collective Bookmarks – [design ideas]
Detailed Post-Apocalyptic Urban Models – [wow art]
Wicked Futuristic City, (enlarge), all winners – [art]
Great Idea! One-Button Computer – [fun video]
Cool Rayguns from Recycled Materials – [geek art]
Most Stylized Star Wars Ever? – [geek art]
Extremely Efficient Road-Building – [cool video]
Old Soviet Song Praising Living in Norilsk – [neat video]
Crane Load Falls on Car, worse – [wow videos]
The Most Inconvenient Lamp Post – [wow video]
Creepy Japanese Androids – [wow video]
Train LED Bombing (Flash Crowd Event) – [neat video]
The Transcendent City: Amazing Animation – [wow video]
Top Idea Photos for House Design – [interiors]
Round-up of the Best Android Apps – [compilation]


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