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#126Week of January 28, 2010

Very Tight Pass on a Mountain Road – [awesome video]
China’s Instant Cities – [great article]
Boeing 777 in X-Ray Photography, pic – [fascinating]
Super-detailed Weather & Nature Models – [using everyday objects]
Temples of Knowledge: Spectacular Historical Libraries
This artist makes “fake” photographs of the WWI ships, example
P-Eco Concept Car Vibrates to Move – [cool tech]
Gorgeous Manuscript: The Hours of Catherine of Cleves, scans – [vintage]
The Deepest Hole Ever Drilled, more – [interesting]
Breathtaking Avatar-like Rock Formations, original – [wow nature]
The Round Fireplace – [neat interior design]
Neat Nintendo DS Case Mods – [geek art]
Internet Vices: Social Sites as… Drinks – [funny, some language]
Visualizing Greatest Design Quotes – [scroll down]
Mesmerizing and Beautiful 3D Architectural Film – [all-CG animation]
How the above movie was done… by one man – [cool video]
The Most Expensive Camera in the World – [put on auction]
Movie Made By Chimpanzees To Air On The BBC – [weird]
Romanian guy cleans the snow off his car… – [still cleaning...]
The First Piece of Electronic Music: 1955, info – [weird]
Long-forgotten Breakfast Cereal Boxes – [unique collection]
Strange & Sensational Scientific Discoveries – [cool info]
Really Hungry Cat – [wow video]
“Gimme Dat Thing” – this is going to stick to you for days – [neat dance video]
Hitler is upset about new iPad – [fun video, some language]
Mongol Soldiers Sing a Sweet Love Song – [sitting in the snow]
“The Great Race” Spectacular Pie Fight – [fun video]
One of the Best Car Chases: “Freebie & The Bean” 1974 – [wow video]
Best Online Flash Games – [promotion]
Compilation of Insect Macro-Photography – [nature]


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