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#123Week of November 15, 2009

The Stone Forest… this is something else – [awesome pics]
Very entertaining infographic about coffee – [cool info]
“Oasis Of The Seas”, the biggest ship, is completed, video and pics – [wow]
Half Car, Half Bike, is Really Bizarre – [wow auto]
Living Room Decorated Inside a PC – [crazy PC mod]
Divers Wrestling with Octopusses! – [anyone has pics?]
Interesting Surreal Set of Female Form Variations – [photography]
Peculiar qualities of a hyroscope – [neat video]
Something is brewing in the Moscow skies – [click image to enlarge]
Anamorphic Images & Illusions! – [follow the links]
Great visual graphic of music sales – [cool info]
World’s Longest BASE Jump – [wow video]
Very strange, and yet somewhat cool game, more – [art]
Even Mona Lisa needs some coffee in the morning – [cool art]
Computopia, courtesy 1969 Japan – [futuristic]
100 year old Antarctic whiskey – [wonder about the taste]
Man-eating monster is alive and well – [and plays with its hunters]
Wonder (Bread) Woman, Disposable Paper Dresses – [weird art] – via
Bizarre and Brilliant Bed Designs – [compilation]
Love Story, Flickr-style – [romantic geek article]
How to commute on a motorcycle with your pet – [funny guide]
Most unique… some are simply nuts… golf courses – [round-up]
The Ultimate Argument Resolution Device (and the Apologizer) – [ha!]
Zooey sings an upbeat song… – [nice video]
Vivaldi played like you never heard it before – [unreal video]
One Russian guy did this animation for fun – [cool video]
An Epic Song Plus Epic Destruction – [equals a cool music video]
Sleeping Betty… is tired! – [animation masterpiece, funny!]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! – [promotion]
The strangest animals… but you knew that – [wow nature]
Never buy an animal from a pet store? – [health tips]
Some unusual photos of fathers and kids – [compilation]


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November 15th, 2009

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