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#120Week of September 25, 2009

Giga Galaxy Zoom! – [awesome project]
Most Phantasmagorical Hair You’ll Ever See – [vintage]
Scientists Create Magnetic Gas – [Money!.. It's a Gas]
Drop your blood into this lamp to activate it – [design]
Drawing with bloodand drawing with water – [art]
Fantastic Concept Watches – [design]
Weird Industrial Egg Digesters – [structures]
Japan’s Love Hotels – [pics, slightly nsfw]
East German Industrial Design – [flickr set]
Inside Your Dog’s Mind – [the secrets, dreams, etc.]
Russians in American comic books: retrospective – [images, lots]
1993 Predictions for the Future: Compare with Today – [cool video]
Monsters Galore: Vintage Japanese Sonosheet Art – [collection]
Some great geeky accessories: a button, a tie – [fashion]
Very Strange Health-themed Restaurants – [travel]
This is what the ideal pet looks like – [hm... not so cute]
John Coulthart: Beautiful Steampunk and Noir Art – [wow art]
Recently Found 1941 Photos of Attack on Pearl Harbour – [rare pics]
Abandoned Subway Stations Around the World – [photos]
Deadly Sleds (all drawn on Nintendo) – [cool art]
This Web Serial Seems Interesting – [cool site]
Limits of Human Endurance Quiz – [interactive]
Tree Houses: some are really weird – [architecture]
What sort of sci-fi “punk” are you? – [cool guide]
A full decade of unreleased music from Jimi Hedrix – [neat]
Lennon speaks about McCartney – [neat video]
Surreal Underwater World: Newly-Flooded Meadow – [wow video]
Fresh Approach: No CG Effects! – [short film for typophiles]
Incredible, Amazing, Awesome Apple! – [hilarious video]
Neo-City: Nice 3D Animation – [cool video]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! – [promotion]
The World’s Prison Museum Online – [weird]
World’s Amazing Abandoned Towns & Cities – [abandoned]
Ten Ways to Eat Well on a Budget – [health tips]


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