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Link Latte 118

#118Week of August 24, 2009

Mirror Reflections Puzzle, and more – [fantastic 12-part series]
“Heros From A Future That Never Was” – [awesome art]
How to hide from unwanted clients – [fun video, useful?]
Nineteen Moons: Awesome Steampunk Jewelry – [scroll down]
International Space Station comes together – [cool infographic]
English to Japanese ad finitum… with crazy results – [hilarious site]
This is very intimidating already… – [fascinating videos]
Insect Buddha Sculpture – [weird art] – via
Atlas Obscura: The Marfa Lights – [fascinating]
How different people spend their day – [interesting chart]
Stunning Rooftop Gardens – [compilation]
How Men and Women Argue (A Chart) – [funny stuff]
Tetris Hair Cut, Hat, Ties – [geek fashion]
Radical Room-in-a-Box Design Concepts – [architecture]
Coffee Latte Art: Now Featuring Celebrity Portraits! – [art video]
Examples of Bad Design in Star Wars – [sci-fi]
The Souped-Up “Gamer PC” (1995) – [those were the days...]
The rarest album in the history of music? – [weird]
The Ultimate Collection of Amazing Buildings – [architecture]
Various Neat Beer Bottle Openers – [design]
How Differential Gear Works – [geek videos]
You, but smaller. Order your doll here. – [cool site]
Dramatic Reading of a Breakup Letter – [old but still funny video]
Emulating a Thunderstorm (Acapella!) – [wow video]
Baby Elephant Enjoys Bath – [cute video]
Entirely Mad Car Chases in Moscow, more – [do not try this!]
Extreme Pool Jump, A Russian Drinking Game – [viral ad videos]
100 Years of Visual Effects (compilation) – [cool video]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! – [promotion]
The World’s Tallest Roller Coasters – [compilation]


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