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Girls & Trucks! Part 1

Link – article by Avi Abrams

A combination of big-eyed, 1960s-style girls with huge chromed trucks is simply unbeatable.

As you surely know, we have a long-running popular series Girls & Cars (Vintage Photos). But today, we are looking at pretty girls stylishly and lovingly placed near big, powerful trucks – with loads of chrome and towering exhaust pipes.

This combination is certainly a winner, and we are happy to present a new series from our long-time friend photographer Roger Snider from Ultra Rigs of the World.

(All images copyright Roger Snider, Ultra Rigs of the World)

Rustic country sensibility, and a rich, velvety glow of evening light:

Huge expanses of chrome:

Combining glamour and class with the brute force of a Peterbilt

Like a step back in time… here is a series of 1979 Peterbilt images made in the famous “Class Pays” ads style – read more here.

This 1979 Peterbilt looks great in the rainbow light:

As a bonus, here are some dreamy test shots for the calendar, not available anywhere else:

(All images copyright Roger Snider, Ultra Rigs of the World)

This photography is so popular with the truckers that they are buying ten calendars at a time, causing them to be sold out in a month’s time. In case there are still some left, you can buy 2012 Chrome Shop Mafia Collectors Edition Outlaw Calendar here.

Girls with Trucks and… Planes!

If trucks and girls were not enough -

Let us know if you can find more such advertisements, combining trucks, planes, girls, and perhaps automobiles in one happy combination!

Vintage Truck Advertising: Lithe Female Shapes Dwarfed by Truck Monoliths

These are some retro ads that Roger Snider used as inspiration to shoot his calendar (very sweet ads from the 1970s catalog of Peterbilt line):

Truck advertising evolved from pretty tame 1940s-1950s print ads, which often used small children and the whole family to emphasize the wholesome image of trucking and delivery industry:

Or it was tied to an international exposition, WORLD EXPO, currently taking place and served by big trucks:

or it would appeal to the “universal” love of sweets and cookies:

or emphasize the harshness of elements and the durability of a truck:

Quite frequently there was a view from a diner (superimposing comfort food and warmth of diner’ interior with the powerful presence of a truck outside):

Sometimes, the sheer number of trucks would overwhelm advertising space and have a certain impact on a viewer:

And then… then came the Golden Age of Girls Plus Trucks advertisements – the legendary Peterbilt calendars of the 1960s and 1970s:

Aah, these trucking movies of the 1970s: “Convoy”, ” White Line Fever”, etc… You certainly remember “the sleeper” long-haul truck cabins, complete with air-conditioning, sound system, and perhaps a loving girl:

We especially like the combination of Peterbilt engine and steam power:

Here is a truly epic move of a Shuttle: ads like these really bring the point across -

(print ad for Peterbilt line from the 1970s)



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March 9th, 2012

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