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Gas Powered Everything

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Gas Powered Everything

Granted, this is the ad for Nissan (no, we’re not getting paid for it’s inclusion) – but we thought, it was wonderfully, creatively made and inspired by neat steampunk (gaspunk?) sensibilities, worthy of good look on DRB:


For a look at Nuclear Powered Everything, see our recent article!

Today’s pictures & links:

They must have holes in their helmets

Otherwise, there seems to be no point… or is there?

(original unknown)


Cutest Pic of the Week

(image via, original unknown)


“Mother Ship” Cloud

A photo back from 2007 National Geographic gallery of tornado-producing storms… Still as effective image as ever; if you see anything like this happening in your neighborhood (especially if you see cloud rotation), run or take cover.

(image credit: Carsten Peter)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Awe-inspiring Volcano Clouds Photos – [extreme Iceland]
Over-the-top “Megatron” Tank – [wow tech]
Portraits Made on Aluminum Trays – [kitchen art]
Forty Days of Freedom (Kengir Uprising) – [fascinating]
Cool Desert Illusion, Awesome 3-D Pavement Illusion – [wow art]
Recycling Broken Vinyl, Used Books – [wow art]
Funniest Insurance Signs – [funny pics]
Scarred Earth: Abstracts of Destruction – [photography]
Famous Objects From Classic Movies – [cool site]
Dog Wants Food! (Poor Guy) – [fun video]
Ouch! Incredible Failed Stunts – [wow video]
Tornado Forming.. and Growing… – [wow video]
Summer Travel: Buying Train Tickets in Europe – [travel]
Great Fashionable Sleeves for your iPad – [design]


Island Drops

The Maldives, Indian Ocean. Somebody passed by, dripping islands:

(image via)


Oblivion Factory

Awesome new art by Jud Turner – see more here, and if you have good connection, here is a large version.

(image credit: Jud Turner)

“This sculpture was inspired by the decline of manufacturing in the US, as we have moved many of those industries overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor. Note the irony of using plastic toy and model parts, which were made in China, to illustrate the loss of industry in the US.”


The Magical Ant Forest

This photo became quite popular recently, but even if you’ve seen it already, we feel obliged to highlight it – as we have not seen anything quite like it in a while. Make sure to visit the photographer’s page for more:

(image credit: Natalia Jeshoa)


Rusted Monster Thing

(original unknown)

Anyone seen this? Just curious.


Stalinist Dreams, circa 1949

This cover has everything: happy masses at the Parade, huge Lenin statue on top of the planned Palace of Soviets on the horizon… and lady with a little red book:

(cover of “Tekhnika Molodezhi” magazine, 1949, via)


The Trickiest “Phish” / Spam Email Yet

Here I was, thinking that I’ve seen and can detect any variety of false “phishing” emails in my inbox. Then, this particular variation ALMOST got me clicking it. It has a legitimate YouTube logo, YouTube seemingly “legit” email address, no cheesy broken English – and a subject that may be relevant to many YouTube users. All seems fine, until you hover your mouse over any link in this email and notice that everything re-directs to a crazy address (possibly doing something weird to your computer).

Here is the screenshot:

So, be aware of this and do not click in there (I did not).


Scare your local postman

Put this rubber toy in your mailbox:

(original unknown)

…or build a skyscraper for birds:

(original unknown)


Whaddua Say?!

(original unknown)


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