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DRB Pic of the Day

“DRB Pic of the Day”

Lovely Steampunk / Art Nouveau Ring

Fantastic, sophisticated ring, designed by Sergey Zhiboedov – it’s inspired by the antique Greek architecture and true classic style, and includes 14k gold figures of the Atlant (male) and the Caryatid (female) giants supporting an amazing 9mm freshwater pearl:

(image credit: Sergey Zhiboedov)

And… we need more info about these images:

Yet another very narrow house in Japan has been found, an addition to our Narrow Buildings in Japan article:

(image via)

This image was sent to us with the caption “Landscaping and Garden Design in Dublin”, but we can not find additional info:

(original unknown)

Let us know by email, or in comments if you know more.

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May 14th, 2012

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