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Link – article by Avi Abrams

I invented a ground-breaking device in my sleep tonight.
Sadly, I forgot everything about it.

This happens to the best of us. We are lucky, however, that many historical inventors and outstanding engineers woke up right in time and sketched the details of their invention before it evaporated into the warm daylight. Some of these famous dreams are recounted here. It includes a design for a sewing machine and even mechanics for a golf swing. Today, we are going to feature some intriguing devices that should feed and inpire your creativity… well into the night!

(mysterious astrological devices, seen in Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, photos by Amanda Rehagen)

This is without a doubt one of the most popular DRB series. On these pages we uncover some most amazing and unusual vintage devices and some of the most puzzling modern ones. We also enjoy a healthy in-flow of our readers’ tips and comments, alerting us to more unfounf treasures. This update was surely overdue, as we’ve got plenty of new stuff to share about.

(right: Sputnik music box, 1960 via; left image: Rocket Ride! via)

Do not miss the previous installments in this series. We covered retro cameras, espresso machines, calculators, typewriters, and even globes!

This is 1937 X-Ray Machine: come closer, don’t be afraid -

(photo from 1937 LIFE Magazine)

Turntable wonder from 1952: “Galaxy” four-speed multi-record changer from STAAR -

(image via)

Another one; this time a Zenith “Cobra-Matic”:

(image via)

And a miniature records player (would make a great business card maker today!):

(image via)

Object of desire: 1948 Proctor Art Deco Toaster! -

(images via)

Another cool items from DKW Photography source are: Golde Slide Projector (left) and Zenith “Cobra-Matic” Phono Radio (right):

(images via)

More streamlined American art deco gems are shown on this page: Waverly Petipoint iron, 1941 (left) and Juice-O-Mat Juicer from 1937, designed by Joseph M. Majewski, Jr. (right):

(images via)

Good old 1938 with scrawny legs (and more glamorous one from 1954):

Great streamlined razor:

(photo via LIFE magazine, 1953)

This is absolutely gorgeous vintage lighter.. or is it a “Fantastic Voyage” submarine? Flash Gordon’s escape pod?

(photo via LIFE magazine, 1953)

Kids enjoyed fantastic rides in the 1950s:

(1953-1954, Minnesota and New York American Toy Fair; images via)

Streamlined design for lawnmowers is part of the future, according to Bohn Aluminum calendar, 1943:

(image via)

Vintage dreams about owning a video-telephone:

Programming a kitchen menu:

and controling a lawn robot:

(images via)

Here is the Harvard’s one ton microscope from 1937:

(photo from LIFE Magazine 1937 issue)

And we finish our Retro section with Atomic Cold War Experiments. Whatever they are, they must be truly hair-raising:

(image via)

On the right image above is a structure that seems very mysterious, but actually not: this is the Russian 1930s tower built for paragliding in Gorky Park, Moscow.


Modern Gadgetry: the Weird & the Marvelous

This is “Visible Sound”. It consists of a sewing machine, a radio and an ability to enjoy sound wave patterns (made by “Sounds.Batter”, more info):

(image via)

They also make walking sticks with… attachements:

(image via)

Um… umbilical iPhone cord?! Sure, why not! -

(images via)

Watch the video of it squirming here. Definitely something from “Existenz”.

Great folksy protective “dresses” for your camera by ChocMuf; (order them here):

(image via)

The World’s smallest cameras, digital and pinhole – more info here and here:

(images via 1, 2)

Pistol wallets and toys from France (is there a joke in this?) – buy them here:

(images via)

Alarm clocks warrant their own article by here are just some “kool” examples: wind chime alarm clock (left) and Donation Alarm (if you do not wake up, you pay the price) -

(images via 1, 2)

Great iPod idea (photo manipulation concept by Alexander Dubocz):

(image credit: Alexander Dubocz)

GoateeSaver! Or perhaps, Darth Vader’s breathing apparatus attachment:

(image via)

This thing is the Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher. Oh, yeah -

(buy it here)

On the right image above is its low-tech variety.

Some odd items here:

And finally, a mystery device: all we can say is that it’s a “Tape Converter”, but… what does it convert? into what?



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