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Complex Numbers: Best Explanation

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Complex Numbers: Best Explanation

What’s the difference between the real and the imaginary?


Here is another video done in the same style… hilarious!

Today’s pictures & links:

“This Easter Bunny donated his body to science”?

Suddenly, a new twist on knitting and bunnies. See more here, and at CraftyHedgehog.

(image credit CraftyHedgehog)


Warped Bridges (Postcards from the Google Earth)

These bridges weren’t built this way (although it would be fun to drive on them like on a roller-coaster). Google Earth’s satellite imagery distorted the view, giving us this abstract art collage:

See more at this page.


A Fishy Smile

This “Hollywood-perfect” smile belongs to a bridled parrotfish at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. See more at National Geographic gallery (photography by David Doubilet).

(image credit: David Doubilet, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Freightliner Semi Truck Drift – [cool video]
The Fastest Computers Yet to Come – [wow science]
Huge Statue of Marat: Spectacular! – [strange art]
Inside the Abandoned Supercollider – [exploring]
Star Wars Graffiti Showcase – [urban art]
Mediterranian Sea Completely Dried up, Turned into Desert – [history]
Old Taps Drip Liquid Light, Wall Keys – [wow designs]
Collecting Black Markers: Why Not? – [weird]
The Real Flower Power: Cool Fact – [wow nature]
Saving a man from being run over by a train – [video]
Penguin Getting Tickled – [fun video]
Fantastic Aurora and Galaxy Sky Videos – [wow nature]
Must See: The LEGO Factory – [wow video]
Budget Barcelona: a Foodie’s Guide – [travel]
Revealing Video about Spending on Food – [trends]


Cosmic Thrills

Great space retro futurism “poster” by Valzonline artist from Chile:

(image credit: Valzonline)


Plant Animals

Nice surreal Photoshop contest at Worth1000 – click here

(image credit: Norrit, Worth1000)

(image credit: MissTrixie, Worth1000)


Dragon to Flower

This transforming piece of jewelry is the work of Japanese designer Tomoo Yamaji. The fierce face of evil changes into flower symbols; see the steps of transformation here.

(image credit:


Time to get yourself an iPad -

…and pay for it with a hundred grand!

(images via)


Beasts of Burden

We’ve seen a moose pulling a cart. Now, here are some more examples of using exotic “horse-power”:


Paradigm Shift

(original unknown)


Old School

See more classy canines by Martine Roch – Click here

(image credit: Martine Roch)


Deep, Meaningful Poster for Tarantino Tribute:

(image via)


The only way to make sure that you don’t lose your remote:

(original unknown)


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