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Cat vs. Metronome

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Cat vs. Metronome

A metronome has found this cat’s inner frequency, or so it seems. Another cat comes to check it out, and remains totally unperturbed… Oh, and here is a classic “Cat vs. Printer” video.


Today’s pictures & links:

German Television Tower Models

Looking like some inspired DIY project, these models were made in East Germany in the 1950s-1970s: hundreds of various kinds, making an interesting collection -

(image via)


Cuteness, in Deep Grass

(image credit: Alexey Masanov)

See another cute creature here.


Camera… Action!

Is this some sort of a futuristic projector? Any info will be appreciated.

(image via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Thousands of New Stars Emerge in Glowing Nebula – [wow pic]
Crabzilla! Almost as big as your car – [wow nature]
Must-see Water-related Infographics – [nature]
Floating Dream Worlds – [surreal art]
Recycled Steampunk Keyboards, Repurposed Nuclear Shelters – [geek art]
Record-breaking (Unknown) Movie Industry – [interesting]
Woody Packard: A Beauty of Tea – [photography]
Fantastic Microscopic Mirrors Technology – [wow video]
Extreme Way to Enjoy Thin Ice – [wow video]
Another Extreme Way to Get a Rush – [wow video]
Another great pre-make: 1954 “Ghostbusters!” – [fun video]
Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” synced with “2001: A Space Odyssey” – [cool video]
Action Figure of YOU – [cool site]
Modern Renovation Gem – [interior design]


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Riot Cars & Drunk Catchers

In view of the current uprising in Egypt:

Here is a vision of the machine-gun equipped riot police vehicle (the cover of Mechanics & Handicraft magazine, May 1938):

(images via)

Don’t miss our previous article on “Riot Police Cars” here, and an exclusive look at the Riot Police cars used in Colombia – click here

Here is a The Drunk Catcher, used way back in the 1920s:

(image via)


The Key Keeper

New art by James Ng (we are big fans of his steampunk-flavored work and featured him a few times before):

(images credit: James Ng)

“The recently deceased Key Keeper and his pet cats had the responsibility of organizing all the keys and locks for the imperial dungeon. With the keeper gone, no one except his pets could pair the thousands of keys to their corresponding lock, but the feline family refused to go to work without their master. The Imperial Inventor, with permission from the court, reanimated the keeper’s skeleton with steam engines to keep the loyal pets satisfied until they find a better solution. The skeletal remains of the eldest cat was also reanimated to serve as a pack leader and a mobile key cutting machine.”


May I Come In?

(original unknown)


Photography Emulates Art

First, a classic work of surreal art: Samy Charnin’s “A Day In the Clouds”:

(art by Samy Charnin)

And then – something similar spotted in this photograph (well, granted, it’s taken in the infrared light):

(image credit: Gordon Stone McBride)

Any similarity is purely coincidental, of course. Only imagination is at work here.


The Starfish People are up to something

The Starfish Aliens from Japanese obscure 1950s sci-fi movie “Warning From Space”:


Oh No



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February 11th, 2011

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