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Calendar Girl

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Calendar Girl

Neil Sedaka and his “calendar girls” ring in the 1960 year in this charming video. Here is a wish that the year 2013 will be just as happy and playful for you! -


Today’s pictures & links:

The world will not end in 2013 now, right? Right?? -

(image credit: Tim Flach)

This is just one example of the fantastic animal photography by London-based Tim Flach – see the full gallery on his site.

As for the much-discussed End of the World in 2012… Australian surreal artist Andrew Baines (see our recent article about his art Surreal Human Sculptures by Andrew Baines) created an installation to word off the Cataclysm – by dressing two hundred followers and putting them into the sea. They stood defiant against the world implosion… which of course did not happen:

(image credit: Andrew Baines)


Surreal Arctic Creatures

Wired Magazine published very insightful interview with the Arctic biologist and photographer Alexander Semenov, complete with the spectacular gallery of exotic sea creatures:

(image credit: Alexander Semenov, via)


Geek Dream Environment?

This lab is quite… before it gets inundated by high-voltage blasts and sizzling lightnings of all sorts! – ABB’s High Voltage DC test facility in 2010:

(image via)

Make sure to check out our classic article Creepy High Voltage Installations in Russia.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Blasting into 2013! – [extreme stunt video]
Mount Everest: Explore it in billion pixels! – [fascinating]
Most Visited pages of 2012 on Wikipedia, by Countries – [quite revealing]
Periodic Table of Fonts – [cool, big image]
Insanely Interesting Desks – [wow design]
Great parody of William Gibson and today’s internet – [a la Neuromancer]
If Credit Card Was Designed by Apple – [fun graphic]
Pharmaceutical Ads from 1930s France – [vintage]
Phonola Cool Vintage TV – [geek retro]
Extreme High Bar Acrobatics – [wow video]
Totally Useless Machine! Mini Version – [wow videos]
Futuristic Baseball: Very Well Done – [wow video]
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, Deadliest Mafia Hitmen – [cool info]
DVDs & Blu-Rays For Only 1 Dollar – [great bargains]


The Abandoned Sphere House

This is a photograph by John King, part of his “Objects on Land” series:

(image credit: John King)


Meanwhile… coming out of the mist…

(original unknown)

A couple more Star Wars – themed funny pics:

(originals unknown)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material):

Awesome Russian science fiction art for 1959 movie “Planeta Bur” (The Planet of Storms) – fragment, see the full version in our classic article “Retro-Future: To The Stars!”

Cats meaning business:

Put your dog to good use? -

In-flight meals, circa 1962… looks very strange today:

So-called “car hop” was also very popular trend in fast food during 1930s-1950s – and I can see why:

Ford Seattle-ite XXI concept car from 1962 – surging into the future! -

6×10 articulated ruck based on a Russian truck, designed as a movie vehicle. Photo by J. M. M. at the “La Ferte Alais” show:

Wall Street Bull Crocheted – original bull statue by Arturo Di Modica, “improved upon” by Agata Olek:

The Goliath Heron at Umgeni River, Durban, South Africa – photo by Heinrich van den Berg:

(image credit: Heinrich van den Berg)

Stay sharp in 2013! -

Eros?… 2013!…


Steady… don’t rock the boat!



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