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Alone in the Wild: Yukon Survival Saga

Link – by A. Abrams

Film-maker Ed Wardle’s Trek Across the Canadian Yukon – Follow the Adventure Online!

You’ll remember our previous article about survival techniques in the Western wilderness – Man vs. Wild. This time we present another harrowing survival odyssey in the Canadian Yukon (this time in cooperation with the National Geographic Society, with some exclusive content specially for DRB readers) – Alone in the Wild.

(all images courtesy National Geographic Channel)

There are three lesser-known Laws of Thermodynamics, against which we are constantly fighting:

1. You can’t win.
2. You can’t break even.
3. You can’t quit the game.

These options seem pretty limiting, especially when you are battling the pitiless wilderness without adequate resources or supplies – when you need to survive on a bare minimum. Film-maker Ed Wardle – not a survival expert, just a natural adventurer – decided to trek across the Canadian Yukon, being followed by National Geographic Channel in near real-time for three months (remember the movie “EDtv”? It’s just a naming coincidence, of course, although “reality TV” has come a long way since then).

Day 7 – Close Call. After his canoe capsizes, Ed is reminded just how little stands between life and death in the wild -

Week 3 – Washing in a Stream -

Find out more about his mini-camera and other equipment here.

(Various small cameras including tiny ‘bullet’ cameras)

Eating to Survive

He’s been eating bark, leaves, plants and wildflowers (some even tasting a bit like oysters). But other flowers and plants are deadly – for example, one bite of the pretty blue Monk’s Hood flower can kill you within six hours. So you do have to know what you are picking up.

The novelty of scavenging the forest for food has worn off, but Ed’s still not into hunting — if he can avoid it:

In Man vs. Wild it was the overly adventurous Bear Grylls that was tested to the extremes – including eating many untoward- and unappetizing-looking morsels (snakes, bugs, and worse). Now it’s Ed Wardle’s turn… here is an exclusive advance video for DRB:

(watch his latest video updates here)

Among his Twitter updates:

How does a porcupine taste? Well…

Follow Ed’s Twitter feed here

Day 6 – Skinning a Porcupine. After shooting a porcupine, Ed must figure out how to divest the skin without stripping the meat:

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” — Mohandas Gandhi.

Ed has been lugging ridiculously heavy backpacks through nigh-on impenetrable forest – in wet clothes, with bloodied hands, on feet covered with blisters. He has been doing it for four weeks already…

There is a saying “If you’re going through hell, keep going”, indicating that at some point conditions are likely to improve. These updates from the Yukon Territory will culminate in the broadcast of Alone in the Wild on the National Geographic Channel in September, 2009.

DRB Exclusive: Bear Tracks. Ed’s admittedly afraid of bears, and after spotting pawprints along his path decides they might be a little too close for comfort:

Watch Ed’s latest videos here and follow his Twitter updates

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