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Does Drinking Kill Brain Cells?

Reader Scott wrote in to ask, “Does alcohol kill brain cells?” “Oh, Lisa, you and your stories. ‘Bart is a vampire.’ ‘Beer kills brain cells.’ Now let’s go back to that…building…thingy, where our beds and TV…is.” – Homer Simpson Watch someone after they’ve had a few drinks, and you’ll find evidence that alcohol does something to their [...]

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday!

Every week on the day after Monday, we’re releasing new shirt designs in the mental_floss store. Today, it’s Q Loves U (above). Put these quirky letters together and you have a quick, quality couple that never quarrels. And you can quote us on that! And that’s not all! Today only, buy any three t-shirts in the mental_floss [...]

The Late Movies: "Skyfall" Covers

Adele walked away last night with an Academy Award for Best Original Song with her James Bond theme, “Skyfall,” adding to her collection of Golden Globe and BRIT Awards statues for the same tune. While the singer is still enjoying the glow of all the latest gold-covered additions to her life, take a look at her [...]

5 Ridiculously Expensive Restaurant Menu Items

Starbucks may hold the unofficial record for world’s most expensive cup of coffee, but it is fortunes away from being the most expensive food or drink item on a menu. Here, a five-course meal that could send your blood pressure rising for more than one reason.

Project Peacock: How the British Wanted to Heat WWII Mines

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The Missing Links: A History of Movie Popcorn

Putting the Pop in Pop Culture The great Mo Rocca provides a brief history of everyone’s favorite movie theater snack. * That’s Amazing, Probably Will we ever reach the point where scientific discoveries are so astounding and mind-boggling that human brains won’t be able to comprehend them? * He Certainly Does Know How to Let It All Hang Out Philippe Petit, the [...]

Black Cat Bones, Crocodile Dung, and Coca-Cola: 9 Fascinating Historic Methods of Contraception

This might not be the time for the birds and the bees talk, but sometimes, when a man and a woman love each other, they have sex—but they don’t always do it to make a baby. In fact, sometimes, they are very much not in the market for a baby. So before the veritable cornucopia of [...]

Mr. Wizard Explains the Laserdisc

The Laserdisc format first hit the market in 1978, using massive 12″ discs crammed full of shiny analog video to deliver awesome movies to your 80s-tastic home theater. The players were beastly — large, heavy machines with complex laser systems and enough oomph to rotate the disc at up to 1,800 rpm. I have still [...]

Name the 8 Men Who Won Best Actor Twice

Last night, Daniel Day-Lewis became the first person to win an Oscar for Best Actor three times. Eight other men have won it twice. How many can you name in two minutes?