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The Art of Reviling: 10 Tips for Criticizing People More Effectively

Arika Okrent filed under: history, Lists Image credit:  ThinkStock In the 1930s, William B. Pettus, the president of the College of Chinese Studies in Beijing, came across a strange little Chinese essay. It began by arguing that, “having a desire to revile, should you persistently restrain it you will sooner or [...]

Music History #17: "Heroes"

Bill DeMain filed under: Music History Image credit:  Getty Images “Heroes” Written by David Bowie and Brian Eno (1977) Performed by David Bowie The Music In the summer of 1977, David Bowie was living in Berlin and working on a new album. One evening, he saw his producer Tony Visconti sitting on a [...]

By the Numbers: The Billions of Animals Killed by Cats

The Week filed under: environment, Animals, cats, birds Image credit:  ThinkStock By Chris Gayomali/The Week The internet loves cats. And why not? They’re cute, endlessly entertaining and, unlike dogs, don’t require constant attention. But what do cats do when they’re not curling up in your lap? According to biologists, they’re off killing other [...]

5 Questions: Super Bowl Snacks

Questions: 5 Available: Always Pass rate: 75 % Backwards navigation: Forbidden Primary Category:  5 Questions site_icon:  quizzes Kara Kovalchik WHAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT The 25 Most Powerful TV Shows of the Last 25 Years Why Aren’t There B Batteries? The Stupidest Questions in Super Bowl History Why Do People Feel Phantom Cellphone [...]

Neil Gaiman Drops Knowledge

Chris Higgins filed under: entertainment, writing Image credit:  YouTube Tonight, let’s sit back and enjoy some brief interviews with Neil Gaiman. I’m doing a bit of research on Gaiman, collecting quotations — anybody got favorites? Leave me a comment. On Writing Gaiman offers advice for young writers while being interviewed on [...]

The Missing Links: Presidential Movie Monsters

Colin Perkins filed under: Links Image credit:  Heroes in Action Toys Baracula, Zombush & Lincolnstein U.S. Presidents have been made into classic movie monster action figures. Well it’s about time. * Silly Video: Lance Armstrong Is A Creep And he’s not afraid to admit it. In song. * Blergh Blows Up Anne Hathaway recently dropped one of Liz [...]

9 Historical Methods of Detecting Pregnancy

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie filed under: Animals, health, history, Lists Image credit:  ThinkStock Home pregnancy tests are kind of magical—they’re like those litmus test things from junior high science, except they can tell you whether you’ve got a baby in there. These tests work by detecting trace levels of the pregnancy hormone [...]

The Story Behind that Richard Nixon-RoboCop Photo

Brian Abrams filed under: entertainment, geeky, movies, pop-culture Image credit:  Billboard Magazine I know I’m not the only one mesmerized by this phenomenally random photo of the retired 37th President of the United States palling around with The Future Of Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, that’s all this image has been for some time—just [...]

From Ant to City and Beyond: A History of All Things Sim

Rob Lammle filed under: entertainment, pop-culture, tech, technology Image credit: Most video games have clear goals: rescue the princess, defeat the enemy, earn the most points. But in the long-running Sim franchises, the goals are much less tangible. Instead of saving the world, you’re often creating it from scratch. With [...]

Moonrise in New Zealand

Chris Higgins filed under: astronomy, space, video Image credit:  Vimeo At Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand, you can watch the moon rise. Now, thanks to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, you can watch the moon rise online. Photographer Mark Gee took video (realtime, not timelapse) of [...]