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Isaac Asimov Explains His Three Laws of Robotics

(Video Link) In 1940, at the age of 20, science fiction author Isaac Asimov coined the Three Laws of Robotics. He later modified and added an additional law to accomodate logical problems. Watch him briefly explain the implications of these laws. -via Explore

Breaking Bad Halloween Traditions

Unbeknownst to me, the actors from Breaking Bad have a tradition of dressing up as each others characters. Let me warn you before clicking through to the full thread, some of them are absolutely brilliant. Above you have Aaron Paul as a Los Pollos Hermonos chicken and Bryan Cranston as Hector Salamanca. Click here to [...]

Top 10 Ghost Towns

Whether they come with ghosts or are just creepy abandoned communities, we love ghost towns -and there are plenty of them you can visit! National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog has a list from the National Geographic book Secret Journeys of a Lifetime of ten famous ghost towns, with instructions for visiting and links to local [...]

Transformer Explodes in NYC

It has been a while since I have seen a real explosion, not caused by some special effects company, and that was big. After seeing how bright it was, I feel like maybe the guys in Hollywood are playing explosions down a little bit. The explosion was at a Con Edison Plant on 14th Street in [...]

14 Weird Old Photos Of People Wearing Masks

Whether these people were donning masks to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving (more on that later), or a fancy dress party, or to safely perform a medical procedure or act in a play, the results are spooky—and likely to give you nightmares. Happy Halloween! Getty Images 1865: A white caped figure wearing a Halloween pumpkin mask taking two [...]

One-Person Seesaw Chair

Jung Myung Taek’s cantilevered lounge chair looks beautiful and fun. Is it practical for an office chair? I’m willing to subject it to a lengthy test. Link | Designer’s Website

13 More Great Kickstarter Projects

For the past two months, we’ve rounded up flossy projects on Kickstarter, the kind of projects our readers would love. Of the 30 projects we’ve posted so far, 21 have been successfully funded. This month, we have another 13 flossy projects to share with you, listed in order of how much time remains for each [...]

The Zombie Song

(YouTube link) This infectious song by Stephanie Mabey tells of a zombie in love. Warning: it will be stuck in your head all day. -Thanks, Steven!

Interactive Version of Bowie’s Life on Mars that YOU Can Direct

Daniel Koren of the Koren Ensemble fame (previously on Neatorama) has a neat new interactive project where you get to "direct" his music video of Bowie’s Life on Mars. What are you waiting for? Hop [...]