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Archive for September, 2012

Bike Matador

For its latest project, the Carmichael Collective placed a matador in the the bike lanes of Minneapolis to tease riders with a red cape. Then, presumably, he speared them. That’s not shown in the photos and the video at the link, but it’s safe to assume that the Carmichael Collective sought maximum authenticity. Link | Carmichael [...]

Monster Gator

Killed just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana in 2003, Believe It or Not! 10 dog collars and one dog harness were found inside the stomach of this massive 12 foot alligator. Alligators are slow growers and this monster may have been over 40 [...]

Combination Dry-Erase Board and Clock

Il-Gu Cha’s Trace of Time block lets you combine your daily to-do list and your clock. You can set deadlines for your tasks by writing them on the face of the clock, which is made of whiteboard material. The hand has a built-in eraser, so it wipes the face clean as it moves. Link -via Book [...]

Bronze Statue of the Zidane Head Butt in Paris

Remember the 2006 World Cup, when the whole world was watching France play Italy for the championship, and French player Zinedine Zidane drove his head right into Italy’s Marco Materazzi? It’s the lasting image of all that year’s matches, and was made into countless internet memes. Italy won the World Cup and Zidane retired from [...]

Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair

Ever wished you could just shut out the world in a skull-shaped sensory deprivation chair, with cozy sheepskin (girl, unfortunately, not included)? What a silly question. Of course you do! That’s why Joep van Lieshout of [...]

Wicket Hat

Wicket Hat – $19.95 Are you a wicked Star Wars fan? Behold the adorable Wicket Hat from the NeatoShop. This adorable hat quickly turns you into your favorite Ewok. The Wicket hat is more than a Halloween item. This cold weather hat will take you from Halloween all the way through winter and spring.  More amazing Star [...]

What Happened to the Star Dust?

In 1947, the British South American Airways plane Star Dust took off from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with eleven people aboard, destined for Santiago, Chile. But it never arrived. The passenger list certainly does its part to set the stage for conspiracy theories: A Palestinian returning to Chile from visiting a dying relative, two British businessmen, a [...]

Hello Kitty TIE Fighter

The Cute is strong with this one! Jason Chalker sculpted this custom TIE fighter for a Star Wars toy and art show that takes place next month in New York City. Link -via Worley Gig | Artist’s Website

Electric Coffee Table

Now that is a geeky coffee table! Benjamin Miall Yates turned old circuit boards and other electronic components into a sprawling city of lights coffee table he called "Electri-Cities." Color us impressed! Link [...]