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This Is the Worst Sight Seeing Tour I’ve Ever Been On

(Video Link) The scenery is so bland, the tour guide has nothing interesting to say and the entire thing just drags -well, at least this tortoise and chihuahua look cute, even if the tour is certain to get a terrible review online. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Incredibly Detailed Sculptures By Kris Kuksi

Artist Kris Kuksi creates “mixed media assemblages” from, among other things, various bits of model kits, including the stuff that’s usually discarded. His works are chaotic scenes of wonder, full of cyber-Rococo style and bold, iconic figures lurking within a landscape that resembles a post-apocalyptic junkyard. Kris has cemented his place as an artistic superstar, with over [...]

Han Solo in Carbonite Cookies

All you need to make these awesome cookies is some chocolate, some sugar cookie dough and a Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray -which we happen to carry in the Neatoshop. Imagine laying on your couch munching on these just like Jabba -now that’s luxury. Link Via BoingBoing

Comedy Video – Too Much Olympics

(YouTube Link) If you’ve already had it with the 2012 Olympic games, then you’ll relate to what these goofy puppets have to say in this comedy video entitled Too Much Olympics. It warns us about the dangers of having the Olympics broadcast on television year round, and the horror of including an event called the Truffle Shuffle! –via [...]

Kids Establish Bank for Kids in Need

Photo: Voices of Youth Facing no help from the established banking system, the street kids of India created their own bank to help other homeless runaways: It’s here that street children who work come to place their money for safekeeping, and take out development or welfare advances to start a business or invest in things they need [...]

Nazi Sub Discovered Off The Coast Of Nantucket

Have you ever wondered how close the U.S. got to being attacked by the Nazis during World War II? According to a recent discovery about 70 miles off the coast of Nantucket. The German U-550 submarine was sunk by a coordinated barrage of depth charges, deck guns and a fierce ramming by the USS Gandy, and we’ve [...]

A Public Service Announcement About Spiders

(YouTube Link) Dan Lucal would like everyone to know that “a lot of people die because of this and I would like to alert the public of it.” You might be wondering what this is….the answer- spiders in your shoes! Thank you Dan, because of your heroic public service announcement I won’t be caught off guard by those [...]

Men’s Synchronized Swimming

Photo: Men’s Synchronized Swimming from Harry Shearer: Now You See It – via VideoSift Despite all the talk about gender equality, there are still glaring examples of gender discrimination at the Olympic Games. Take, for instance, the missing sport of Men’s Synchronized Swimming: Male synchronized swimming has had a charming existence in popular culture. It’s lampooned on [...]

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in August

National Underwear Day/Getty Images At first glance, August might seem light on the holiday offerings. We dug a little deeper to find a healthy helping of celebrations to help you beat the heat. 1. August 1st: National Girlfriends Day Rest easy, boyfriends of the world, this holiday has nothing to do with you. National Girlfriends Day honors [...]

The Late Movies: Full House Musical Numbers

Even though Full House has been off the air since 1995, it’s one of the few shows that can suck me in for a good, long TV marathon. Recently, I realized just how many song-and-dance numbers were featured in the long-running family sitcom. Here are six. Did your favorite make the list? Lollipops and Gummy Bears The [...]