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13 Delicious Recipes Using Cadbury Eggs

Easter is just a hop, skip and diabetic coma away, which means it’s time to inhale as many Cadbury Eggs as you can before it’s too late! These 13 recipes call for those most delicious of all candy eggs as their main recipe, so they should help you consume Cadbury Eggs in massive quantities just in [...]

Beware The Bath, Gentle Sloths

(YouTube Link) Sloths are in for it this time, and by it I mean trouble. By next year they will be subjugated and bathed for the amusement of the masses, their cuteness extracted like visual Prozac. You shouldn’t have been so darn adorable, little sloths, your relentless need to be cute has brought you under the radar [...]

Dan Bull Raps About Why He Hates DLC

(YouTube Link) British rapper Dan Bull lays a rather eloquent smack down on the shady video game sub-industry known as DLC (downloadable content). Then guest star Francis (of YouTube fame) shows up and emphasizes how much they both hate DLC with some carefully chosen expletives. Well played, gentlemen, well played. (NSFW due to coarse language) –via Kotaku

Catch The Party Cab For The Ride Of Your Life

(YouTube Link) His name is Taxi Dave, he drives the Party Cab between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., and he’s a one man mobile paaar-tay in Sacramento, CA! Watch him strut and sway his way across the parking lot, performing the Taxi Dave Dance in order to attract new customers. Party Cab is in the house tonight [...]

Existential Crisis & Dragons

(YouTube Link) Dungeons and Dragons has never seemed so mundane! When all of the player characters are cast as office drones things get a little too real, like real life and reality real. Roll a d20 to avoid having an existential crisis of your own while watching this video. (NSFW due to coarse language) –via Geeks Are Sexy

How Darth Vader Ended Up On The Washington National Cathedral

It seems a bit odd that a sculpture of Darth Vader’s helmet would reside atop the Washington National Cathedral, but quirky little juxtapositions like this one make the world a fun and colorful place. Here’s how Darth found his way on to the Cathedral: In the 1980s the Cathedral, with National Geographic World magazine, sponsored a competition [...]

He Wanted to Better Understand Hanging, So He Hanged Himself 12 Times

Gallows image via Shutterstock Hanging is a pretty simple way to kill someone. All you really need is a length of rope, someone who can tie a decent knot, and something from which to hang the victim. If you’re having a fancier execution, you can dress things up with gallows and use the victim’s height and [...]

Live-Action Children’s Sci-Fi Shows From The 80s

(YouTube Link) There were a lot of quirky sci-fi themed TV shows that came out in the 80s, and many of them were really fun to watch! From the custom built little robot girl in Small Wonder, to the action packed time traveling adventures in Voyagers, to the apocalyptic armored tales of Captain Power and the Soldiers [...]

NES Style Cover Art For Classic Hitchcock Films

These fun pixel art prints are by Joe Spiotto, and they put a fresh spin on classic Hitchcock films by making them over in a NES cover art style. Personally, I think all of these movies would have made great NES games. Imagine running around a creepy old house and motel dodging Norman Bates and his [...]

But Did She Blind Him With Science?

It can’t be said that they lack chemistry, that’s for sure. While we’ve featured plenty of geeky weddings, I think this might be the first one based on science. And the theme penetrated every aspect of the wedding: “They fell in love with the idea of the scientific geek wedding theme because of the incorporation of a [...]