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Bar Tools

Bar Tools – $29.95 St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Make sure you have the proper tools to celebrate in style with the amazing Bar Tools set from the NeatoShop. This fantastic set of stainless steel bar and cocktail tools includes: Power tool-style plastic carrying case Bottle opener hammer Candle extinguisher shaped jigger Lemon saw Corkscrew and screwdriver Cocktail strainer [...]

Antichamber Is Psychedelic Gaming Goodness

(YouTube Link) In a world full of first person shooters and epic roleplaying games, it’s nice to know that game designers are still interested in stepping out of their comfort zones and creating strange conceptual games that blow minds and take players on some rather strange trips. Created by Alexander Bruce, this game looks like a nightmare [...]

Fan Film Shows Geek Love For Static Shock

(YouTube Link) Static Shock found a lot of love from cartoon fans and comic book enthusiasts when the animated series debuted in 2000 on the WB. Based on the Teen Titans character Static, an African-American teenager with the power to control static electricity and magnetism, Static Shock was geared towards a younger audience, and therefore dealt [...]

NYC Wants To Turn Water Tanks Into Works Of Art

New York City wants to teach residents to be responsible with water by turning water towers into public works of art. The campaign is called Word Above The Street, it will take place in 2013 and will feature artworks from a myriad of artists, both famous and not, most of which will have a (surprise!) [...]

Real Life Kabuto Slingshot Spear From One Piece

(YouTube Link) One Piece is officially the most successful anime series ever, so it’s no surprise that custom toy weapon builders would want to bring some of the props from this series to life. The Slingshot Channel decided to make a Kabuto, a slingshot spear, for themselves in order to test its feasibility as a deadly [...]

Tired Of Squeezing Your Own Juice? Get The Gurefuru Chuchu!

(YouTube Link) Leave it to the Japanese to invent a gadget that is both useful and fun, all in a cute little package! The Gurefuru Chuchu is an innovative device that allows you to convert fruit into juice right inside the peel, without any squeezing, cutting or mess. It’s obviously marketed towards children, but I could see [...]

Bank Robber Gets Caught When He Goes Back inside the Bank to Withdraw Money for Cab Fare

The German general Helmuth von Moltke the Elder once said, “No plan of battle survives first contact with the enemy.” This is often true: no matter how carefully you plan an undertaking, something will go wrong. Take, for example, the cunning plan of an accused bank robber in Atlanta, Georgia. He demanded money from a [...]

Porcelain Fighters Come Crashing To The Ground

The tiny ceramic combatants in this gallery look like they’re battling themselves into pieces with their fierce kung fu skills, but they’re actually just a bunch of figurines that have been dropped on the ground for the sake of art. Photographer Martin Klimas decided these fighting figures might look pretty cool if he could capture them [...]

Inventor Proposes Levitating Buildings on Air Cushions During Earthquakes

(Video Link) Those of us who merely watched the devastating 2011 Tohoku earthquake on screens got to witness something amazing: the resiliency and resourcefulness of the Japanese people. And we’re still seeing it as Japan prepares for future earthquakes. Here’s one example. Youichi Sakamoto invented a foundation structure that raises buildings on air pockets as soon [...]

Indiana Jones Cupcake

Cupcakes. Why’d it have to be cupcakes? Kati Peck’s Indiana Jones captures the whole movie franchise with a whip, a hat and lots of sugar. Visit her photostream to see cupcakes with Lost, True Blood, and Watchmen themes. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photostream