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You Can Help Name A Baby Penguin

This adorable little critter is the newest addition to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in New York. But it has a problem -the chick (whose gender remains unknown as of yet) still doesn’t have a name. That’s where you come in. You can submit two names, one for each gender and Spanish names are preferred. The [...]

Super Mario World Shuffles Off To Buffalo

(YouTube Link) Scott Bradlee and Alex MacDonald got together and decided to add a touch of class to the Super Mario World theme song. “What’s the best way to do this?” you ask nonchalantly, as you swish your cocktail around, ice clinking against the glass. I reply enthusiastically “By adding tap dancing, of course!” You nod, take a sip, [...]

Self Guided Bullets Will Arrive At Their Destination Safely

As if combat isn’t scary enough, imagine a future where bullets zip around, homing in on laser guided targets and doing a deadly dance in the air, curving and rolling until they hit home. Well, this future battlefield phenomenon isn’t that far off, because Sandia National Laboratories have created a prototype for a self guided bullet [...]

The Littler Cats Found At The Big Cat Rescue

(Video Link) We’ve shown videos of the Big Cat Rescue group before, but one thing left out of their usual videos are all the tiny cats and the non-cat species living on the organization’s property. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Adorable Legend Of Zelda Animated Short

(YouTube Link) This great Legend Of Zelda trailer was created by Joel Furtado for a game called The Lost Oracle, a sequel to The Wind Waker that doesn’t exist, at least not yet, because Nintendo might decide to do a sequel when they see this great animated short! Link  –via Topless Robot

The Ultimate Pokemon Card Proposal

I have no idea how the gentleman in question managed to smuggle this Pokemon card into the rest of the deck what with the giant diamond ring attached to it and all, but however he did it, the proposal idea is certainly impressive. Link Via The Daily What

Artwork Shows What May Lie At The Center Of The Earth

Scientists have known what is contained in the Earth’s core for about 75 years now, but that hasn’t stopped sci-fi authors and artists from doing some wild speculation of their own. These images by Japanese sci-fi illustrators are really far out, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the Earth’s core would make the awesomest setting ever [...]

You’re Never Too Old To Be A Gamer

(YouTube Link) The centenarian in this video is here to tell you that you’re never too old to be a hardcore gamer, and she stresses the fact that gaming can do wonders for your mental health as she happily plays her beloved Nintendo DS. And I got to use the word centenarian in a blog post [...]

Most Dangerous Bridge Crossing

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Most Dangerous Bridge Crossing This is what Indonesian children have to contend with in order to get to school in the village of Sanghiang Tanjung. Somebody donate some money and help them build a proper bridge! Link Today’s pictures & links: Intense, yet soothing interior This is Riggs Library located inside Georgetown University’s Healy [...]

Is It Wrong to Call Someone “Babe”?

Bus drivers in Brighton and Hove, England, are finding out the answer the hard way: their bosses are forbidding them from referring to passengers as "babe," "love," or "darling" because [...]